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Been thinking about how this will work for a while now. It’s pretty scary the concept that keeps popping in my head. Still, there is no alternative, so resignedly, I’m taking the step. Hopefully, writing will come easy, and the inspiration will flow ceaseless.

So here goes, the blog has been named ‘beautiful chaos’ because what I’m venturing to undergo will be chaotic at best. And very random, so readers will be left guessing and wanting. No real relationship survived otherwise. The categories will be:

Working Class: Blogs about the workplace. Challenges, successes and people. It’ll be posted mainly on mondays.

Inspirational: mostly sundays. Ayam Christian, and sharing my faith isn’t a crime! :p it’s also be very poignant, so do stop by and read.

Poetry: poems authored by me, or friends who have given consent will be posted here, dunno the day yet! It’s a work in progress, limme.

Sports: as a football enthusiast, I think I will be forgiven for doing this on saturdays. This category chose it’s day. 🙂

Random: my favorite genre, here. Na so so nonsense I go dey post! 😉 don’t hate me please, allow me some playing space too oo.

Corper Life: wanted to do a dear diary journal, buh didn’t know where or how to start, so I’m substituting that for corper life. That has a definite start and end date. To be posted on my cds days. (Fridays)

Er, thinking, wetin again, wohs may una go read those ones first abeg. The thing will morph by itself and as with everything in life, we’ll soon be cruising. So get to reading already! And do leave a line or two, to tell me how wacky the speech was. I’m out.


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