About Me

Enters the studio with measured steps, the figure he cuts is that of a terrified, jittery person. He seems uncertain as to his role there. He is offered a seat by the smiling host and he sits quickly, managing a nervous smile. This turf of klieg lights is alien to him.

Host: (smiling) Welcome, may we meet you?

Me: (staring at shoes whilst rocking gently – no response)

Host: (clears throat and speaks louder) May we meet you?

Me: Oh, I’m here now, aren’t I? (Continues staring at shoes, totally scared)

Host: what is your name?

Me: Oh, Olawale Daireen Gbadebo (casts a tentative glance at the host)

Host: (smiles assuredly) Can you tell us more about yourself?

Me: (stunned now) starts grating teeth.

Host: mr Gbadebo…

Me: Daireen please, I like my middle name fine! (Stands up straight) That’s more of me. (Turns around for the camera.)

Host: Please sit down…

Me: Ehen, (shakes head) ayam a fun-loving, egocentric persona who loves chatting and meeting new people. I annoy most for fun and I’m really dependable – I hope. Anyways I like playing and that’s all.

Dares the host to query him further with a meaningful stare. When it seemed the host had gotten his cue, he skips out of the studio, sashaying as the camera trailed…


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You remind me of my friend, plus you seem like a really nice being. Oh!! And I love the cover for the novel! Looks like clean air after rain. I’m babbling. *Dashingofftoreadyourebook*

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