6 thoughts on “Of Linda Ikeji’s Blog And Bloggers

  1. Lmao daireen so this was what u were writing?i guess I have all seen these questions before now and like you rightly said,all bloggers copy eachother but I wonder who they will give credit of ofofo to?where did the source come from?Anyway I guess it’s a lesson for y’al.Linda for obvious reason is the only one they can do this to at the moment.Even if linda’s blog goes to heave,i will follow her…And yes am a fan of BN,SDK etc…We can’t stop reading fah!!! But really it’s saddening how people derive so much pleasure in people’s downfall but thatz their wahala,i just wanna succeed cos SUCCESS IS SWEET derin!!!!

    • @chincobee, the whole point of this is to get the bloggers and pips to see that there is safety in structure. If LIB had that, it wouldn’t have been so easy to have her blog deleted/suspended. Google would have worried about a lawsuit. That’s one.

      Two, a trained army is always better than an ultra agent. Even James Bond calls for back up.

      I just hope that Linda takes positives from this imbroglio and comes out stronger and better. She obviously is the scapegoat for all bloggers and oh, what a splash Google has made…

  2. I agree with this article, a hundred percent. I am with you on the indifference stand. Still, I agree that this brouhaha has brought with it some positives. Whatever the case, plagiarism ‘s evil and should be addressed ‘appropriately.’

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