Boundaries or Boundless?

Hey yo pips, been a sec right? Yeah, I know, I’ve missed you wonderful pips too. Really, trying to justify my absence on this platform would amount to nothing but giving lame excuses and I am not about that. So I’ll suck it up, be a man and apologise to all you wonderful people who have wondered what the heck is wrong with me and in soft manner asked me to write. Thank you immensely. For those who do not have access to me yet, you can either follow me on twitter (@derinsola_) or send me emails. You can find my email addresses on the ‘contact me’ page.

That said, I’ve not written in months, not for lack of inspiration, or the time to write, but due to the fact that well…, I’ve been lazy. I lie to myself that I have so much going on and as such can’t write. Na lie.

Anyways, as was and still is normal with me, I’m writing this post in traffic, at the back of a danfo bus and later on the road whilst walking. Yeah, I multitask like that. The subject of my discussion today has to do with relationships. How far can one go in a relationship? It’s the classic Shakespeare question; to fuck or not to fuck? Yeah, I admit that I did take some license with that but please indulge me…, a bit.

I was invited for a singles chat at a friend’s church and on getting there I was miffed because I had no inkling that would be a mostly interactive gathering, that is, it was facilitated by the crowd with minimal moderation a la the rotaract club back in the day. Anyways the foregoing was the subject of discussion at the meet and the varied answers and insights got me thinking. Should we have relationships with clearly defined boundaries (no necking, kissing and doing the … well, you know what), or boundless (everything goes, ko kan aiye)? Please remember that this was a church setting and pips were forming holy holy…

So I’m asking your opinion dear readers, please share your thoughts on this really volatile subject. And just before I go, I’ll leave you with this: an engaged lady is not supposed to kiss her fiance until they say ‘I do’.

Share your thoughts now…


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