Introducing PMA

Introducing PMA – Poetry Music and other Art forms. Ladies and gents, today, we’re doing something unusual. This Saturday, that’s right, 22nd February 2014, PMA will be two years old. For all lovers of the written and spoken word, please find the time to make it to the event at Adeniran Ogunsanya, details in a bit.

First however, just a brief look at what PMA is and what people can look forward to as they come for the event. Please enjoy the discussion between yours truly and Olamipo, host of PMA… Cheers.


So, tell me about pma. What it means, the vision, and how it’s gotten here…


PMA (Poetry Music and other Arts forms) is an Arts appreciation gathering that seeks to explore, promote and encourage various Art forms.

Our vision is to create a community of Art lovers that would through their various arts affect the lives around them and in turn affect the world at large.


Let’s talk about the vision for a bit: you said that the vision’s to engage art lovers in a change movement (a paradigm shift) through involvement in creative things right?

If that is, can you tell us about some art forms and their influences on their immediate environment? We’ll go from there to the world.


Yes exactly the point. I usually elaborate on an issue by telling a story (story teller you’d call me) but let’s pick spoken words… In recent times spoken words has visibly become a good platform to express strong political, economic, ideological and socio-cultural issues affecting the state.  One can say because of the controlled use of words and exceptional delivery, constructive, positive as well as revolutionary message are put to the public.

Then we have theatrical performance/ plays. We have recent adaptations of works of D.O. Fagunwa, Prof Sowande’s Ajantala and Pinocho. These are works to mention a few that teach very strong moral and universal truths.

The Alien Nation dance group has also through their art, passed across very strong messages to the youth and the other member of their audience.

I would confidently tell you, that the Arts community has taken up precise responsibility in ensuring that we spark up minds that would improve on themselves and change the state.

PMA isn’t that gathering you would come to and feel belittled. The testimonies of people actually have made it clear, that PMA gets you back in love with your Art. I really don’t think anyone should want to stay home next Saturday or any other gathering



So, what’s the gate fee?


That’s the fun part. It’s free but everyone buys the host a drink 😀




It’s our second year anniversary remember


Wow! That’s cool, so we can all watch the host take our drinks right

I just hope the host doesn’t implode.




Yes, cos Lamipo will only get fa

By the way, and this is strictly for the single guys… Would you date sometimes?

Assin, are you single?


Lol hmmmm really don’t like to talk about private matters on public platforms but then again I thought we have something going on! Lol







And wat attractions apart from pips showcasing…


Oh well the the winner for the Nigerian price for literature Tade IPadeola would be present then there’s a surprise Lol but then again everyone coming is special and PMA is excited to host

So pips, if you are an arts lover and can make it, you can join on this Saturday from 4pm at Adeniran Ogunsanya. Please check the Cover photo for description.

Thank you.


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