Long Walks

Beauty with the beholder lies

Was the tale spawned

But without sight I found you beautiful

You were my miss world, the prettiest of ’em all

Barbie had nothing on you, even snow white was a distant tenth

And I was your most handsome

None with me could compare

On pedestals, our lives we placed

As oblivious to the rest we lived: in our cocoon

The hubris of the love we shared

It’ll sustain us, we cooed

Love can overcome all obstacles we reasoned

Thus we continued:

Holding hands; singing songs; without a care in the world

And as our walks got longer, the road became crazier

Still we forged ahead

One more goal ahead and we’d be home free

one more bend and we would have our shelter

So we trudged on, holding hands, lengthening steps

We were finally arriving at our haven

And our love couldn’t be stronger.

Ergo we took the plunge

If only we could divine, we’d have stayed earthlings

But like all men, we sought to fly

And without wings we mounted the air

And soared…


2 thoughts on “Long Walks

    • Erm, just some self introspection. I’m leading up to an ebook download next thursday. This series ends on Valentine’s day.

      I wanna hear what pips think of their love affairs… :d

      Howdy do?

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