First Kiss

So, we kissed
The joining of our lips together
The urgency of our tongues
Intertwined in chaotic frenzy
Speaking words that would never be understood
Unintelligible groans that chronicled our story
For obvious it was, the desire:
That was only the ‘prologue’ of our book
Holding hands and giggling
Our love song started
With stares and soft touches
The kisses stolen drew us close
And like musicians, we collaborated:
And oh, what music we made!
What songs we sang
Pity, unlike Romeo and Juliet we’ll die unsung
But today, as we go back in time and re-live
Pause. Think of our days together
Those times when a thought of me elicited smiles
When my appearance made you giddy
And realise, we may not have had control
For cupid found it couldn’t cage us
So the arrow broke
And we were freed
If only we knew…

© Derin Gbadebo 2014


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