Define Us

So I sang, with lyrics beautiful I serenaded
She smiled, giggled and slowly walked on
My heart stopped, I fainted for a brief while
She rushed to me and stood there confused. Wondering,
Am I the man she desired, would I complete her?
My eyes opened in mischief,
She realised her folly late, she had been fooled
We laughed together, oh what a beautiful laugh
And then she placed her hand on my chest,
Looked into my eyes and I knew
I knew then that a new book had been opened unto us
Unlike Celine, this wasn’t going to be a page in my history
She would not be just another lover that used to be
For there in her eyes, I saw it
She was mine and mine alone
That was the promise she showed
That was the deal we sealed
And as we froze in time, that snapshot endures
It was the moment of our lives
Our definition.
I became you, and you me.
And we became one.

© Derin Gbadebo 2014


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