Like Olamide, I have this irrational urge to start by saying:
First of all: introduction,
I’m a novelist and a poet.
Some prose too, mostly a mood thing
I depended on an unseen muse
Who whispers softly in my ears
Atop my bed she comes to me
With words and pictures she shares
Intimate snapshots, touching stories
And I learned to trust her implicitly.
Until you.

You came my way and smiled sweetly
Bowled, I stopped, and stared
You dallied a bit and sashayed away
The hook had caught its fish
No need to bait, my heart was yours
And the strings, you pulled so well
Beautiful music we made
Like Mozart, like Handel, we majored.
Hidden away from the world we played our songs
Though tomorrow never comes
Yesterday we’ll always have
A perfect song, a wonderful image
And the walls will reveal our story
In time, after we’ve passed through
For now though
Let’s pause it all
Go back to the beginning, a do over
So, calmly I’ll walk over to you
And in Wande Coal’s voice coo
Babe, can I know your name?

© Derin Gbadebo 2014


4 thoughts on “Introduction

    • Baba, nor be so oo. I’m writing a series of love poems that’ll end on the 14th. It’s targeted at a specific past, and then, hopefully, we’ll move on ahead…

      Thanks for reading.

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