Here I sit
The words fail me
I stare at the blank pages before me
And it reminds me of the emptiness you left.
My pen is ready to write,
The page is opened for words
Yet my mind freezes at the thought of you
Like it froze when you stood up and left.
So, here I sit, wondering.

A drop of tear escapes my eye
I wipe it off gently
I sigh deeply
My being hurts badly
The words have fled now
The ink is drying
Even the page seems a massive chasm
I shake my head in wonder
How did it come to this?
Why did you leave without a hug and a kiss?
I sat for hours
And then I fell asleep in tears
Only to wake and find the pages ruined.

And then it occurred, though my intent be nice
You are fire, I’m ice
As elements we cancel each other out
But, what warmth you brought me.
Oh! Such love!
Finally, I tore another page
And decided to write you a series of love songs
And then, maybe,
When I’m done I’ll also rise
And fully realise: it’s over between us
Until then, I’ll write u a song every day
To tell you how wonderful you were.

Don’t hold your breathe,
Prepare to fall in love with me again
For it was never your fault our break-up
That was due to my iciness
Bring back your warmth, embrace me so.
That once again, I might feel…

© Derin Gbadebo 2014


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