A Beautiful Month

Yay! It’s February again and I’m excited. Yup, ecstatic, it’s the month of love, my month, and the entire world inadvertently celebrates with me. Nope, I wasn’t born on the 14th, I came a day earlier. I’m considerate like that; so that my daddy could hold my mummy close and kiss her. So family members could hug my mum and share the gift of love with her. Yeah, they say Christmas’ the time to forgive and February is the month to fall in love. Don’t believe me? Look around you; inhale deeply, love is in the air. And it is on this wise that I am writing this article.

In December 2013, one of my best female friends sent me a ping, only this wasn’t a conventional PING!!! or Hi! convo starter, it was simply an unofficial invite to save a date in my calendar for February 2014. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, all she sent was:


I met Modupe Dipeolu at OOU when I was in 300L and she in 400L, a real nerd, she wore big glasses, carried large books and mostly kept to herself. Technically, I had known her for a year, but it took the intervention of a mutual friend Tokunboh Awoyade for us to get talking. She was to tutor me on MAT 309, a mathematical modeling course I was taking that semester, instead, she offered me materials to study and ask her questions later.

Like I said, a real nerd, and I hated her die. Getting her to talk was war then, she always wore an expressionless look and no matter what I did, she remained aloof. I couldn’t reach her, or so I thought (all my friends know I have the talent of annoying pips without provocation), she would later fess up that she hated my gut just as much as I hated hers. Yeah, it was a mutual feeling – glory!

Anyway, slowly, we learned to work together, my ego aside, her analysis was on point and we started talking. She never tutored me, all I needed to pass that course were her materials, and damn lecturer scored me 2 marks below the A grade, shit! Okay, this isn’t about me, so, back to Dupe.

I soon found out that she was a bookie through and through. I mean, she was studying Mathematics, yet, you would scarcely see her without a book, and they didn’t all have graphs. Yeah, Dupe was, still is a lover of the written word. And that was when we crossed the acquaintance barrier and became friends. We shared novels, actually, I depleted her library; shared my writing and in turn, she introduced me to the legal department of OOU where I met friends like Uvie, Punthief, Ayo_Dafe and Joba. All amazing writers and facebook became fun back then.

That was the legacy she left me with in school before answering the clarion call of NYSC bla bla. Anyway, we kept in touch and as usual, she critiqued my writing, yabbed me to no end when I blundered and offered tips. She truly is a wonderful friend.

When she told me she had started dating someone she met at work in Oyo state, I became sad for two minutes and mentally hugged her. Then we spoke about him and he sounded like an okay guy… not really. I mean, who sends a girl a love song a day? Apparently soul-mates, bleh! Yeah, the new boo used to send her a new song to listen to daily. And Dupe is big on songs, she made me into a John Legend fan: ‘girl, I’m in love with you, this ain’t no fairy tale, past the infatuation stage…’ Yeah, Dupe.

I was going to write an intro on le boo too, but found I dunno nothing about him other than that his name’s Karim and he’s a doctor.

Yeah, now y’all know why I’m crazy about Deola, too bad she’s also taken – I always get there late! 😥 *wipes eyes* so, they’ve been together for more than two years now. And remember when I said February’s the month of love? Yeah, today marks the anniversary of his proposal, and she said yes. So, ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the bride, and the groom: Dupe and Karim. Read their story here ( http://www.mywedding.com/modupekarim/ )and be inspired.

It is February pips, love’s in the air, and if I say so myself, it’s the bestest best month of the year. Come; let’s fall in love together… 🙂

PS: I thought of a gift to give the bride and this came naturally, yeah, call me cheap, but I have found that words are enduring, written words more so.

PPS: now, I realise that some pips may construe that last to mean I’m hitting on girls or putting out an ad, I wasn’t. Just thought to put that out there. :d

© Derin Gbadebo 2014


3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Month

  1. Aww. This is too cute for words fa. Derin, someday you will get to the girl earlier and some other dude would pour out his mind like you have just done. To the couple, congrats and may happiness envelope you till the end of time. Cheers!
    Nice one, Der. happy birthday in advance.

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