Heartbreak Songs

Good morning pips, Thank you all for following the Money Game series. If you didn’t, please do you’ll love it, I guarantee. Anyway, enjoy today’s meal; it’s an unusual peek into the world of Derin. Here’s what happened.


On Saturday, Sibbyl asked me a very innocuous question, what is your favourite song and as I read the IM, I wondered about my favourite song and found, I didn’t quite have one. And this is the reason, I hear a wonderful song, and buy into the artiste. Then, I listen to that person exhaustively after which I discover a new talent. So, as usual, I gave her the one song I always recommend to the females: My All by Mariah Carey, yeah, I love that song to blazes.


I actually forgot all about it, then somehow, like these things do, the question crept back to my consciousness and kept me awake all night. So, I got a my pen and paper and actually wrote down a list, I wrote a list, yay! So creative person that I am (please do not stone me), I had to make it fun and came up with the idea of an awkward conversation. So, let’s say hypothetically, I run into an ex-girlfriend and this conversation ensues: here’s my list…



Do you? – Neyo



Fool Again – Westlife



White Flag – Dido



I Learned From The Best – Whitney Houston



My All – Mariah Carey



Misled – Celine Dion



What Makes A Man – Westlife




Stares blandly at me wondering in her mind, ki lo mu eleyi (what is wrong with this one)? She continues wondering as she turns and leaves me standing there wondering how I was stupid enough to let her go in the first place.


PS: In case you haven’t realized, the songs listed above are my best songs ever. By the way, please help with the song that the ex is supposed to quote before she turns and leaves. Thanks.


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