Sorrow Sells Too

Good morning wonderful people. I want to share a bit of personal stuff with y’all today, please indulge me. I know the title may sound a little bit incendiary putting most pips off and make some go, yimu. Anyway, I stand by my assertion that we all, without exception are sad people, here’s why.

The Butler (2013) Forest Whitaker (Screengrab)


I saw two wonderful movies yesterday, Wednesday and though I prepared for the one, I had no idea there was a plan for me to see the other. Did I say the movies were wonderful? I did? Well, that adjective’s a little diluted. You go see both movies and share your adjectives :).


It’s not up to two weeks that someone tweeted that Forest Whitaker gave the performance of his life in the movie: The Butler. I of course defended the man and we both agreed that Whittaker is a fine actor that only gets better with the years. At that point I hadn’t seen the movie, and wary of spoilers, I proceeded to search the internet and download a free copy of the movie. Caveat: FBI, please note that I’ll live legit once in the US of A. Until then, the internet’s fair game. :d


Where was I? Oh, so I downloaded The Butler and I saw it yesterday morning. When the movie ended, I was speechless – precious few movies have that effect on me, and all I could muster after a minute was wow! I mean, someone had talked about Forest Whittaker. But he neglected to give Oprah Winfrey the applause she deserves. I mean, not to spoil it or anything, her final scene in the movie reminded me of Madea – in a good way. Okay, that’s enough info on the movie. Go to the cinema and see it. :p


Then, after close of business, I went to see Irede, hitch a ride home. Instead, she kidnapped me and took me to the cinema. I have to state here that everyone who knows me knows I hate the cinemas with a passion, same as football viewing centres. But the latter’s a necessary evil, especially when I need to run a team down. :d Anyways, we got to Lekki, wondered which film to see, and I was accorded the dubious honour of choosing.


Now, for the movies playing at that time of the day, we had just two options. 47 Ronin – with Keanu Reeves, or The Best Man Holiday – with the usual suspects: Morris Chestnut, Taye Diggs, Terrence Howard and Nia Long. I chose the latter off the bat. Though, I wanted to see the action flick, marvel at the technological effect and glory, the fact that there were ladies with me meant I had to see what would appeal to them. So we went with The Best Man.



The movie struggled to start at first, it’s been so long since the first movie and we’ve forgotten the story, abi? Then we got into rhythm and the laughs started. For me, Terrence Howard’s character is the guy I’d rather act in the movie. Here are three epic lines he used (1) Nobody deserves misery, it’s just your turn… (2) promise me one thing… just this once…, call me daddy; and (3) I’m getting married…, yeah, it’s time. That is all the spoils you’ll get from me.


Anyways, apart from Terrence Howard’s presence in both movies – The Butler and The Best Man Holiday, both movies gently embraced the viewer, warming their way into the viewer’s heart and totally messing with such person’s emotion till you surrender yourself and embrace the misery themed with both stories. After the movies end, and the end credits start rolling, you’ll find yourself wondering, about the human life, and what it really is about. For, above all the gloss, The Best Man Holiday is a romantic comedy with a difference. To borrow a line from I Hate Luv Storys – it’s a saga.


So, wonderful pips, do go out, and see both movies at the cinema. Do not be cheap like me and steal the movie, that is a crime and pirate shall… *catches self* you get the idea. I’ll love to hear your views about both movies. If you’ve seen ’em already, please leave comments here. If you haven’t. Please see both films this January, you’ll be glad you did.


And oh, before I go, I saw a wonderful trailer of the animated movie: Frozen. If you got the file, send it over. I expect it’ll be an amazing adventure. Cheers.




12 thoughts on “Sorrow Sells Too

  1. I haven’t seen ‘the butler’ but ‘best man holiday’ is really worth the hype. If you have seen ‘the best man’ then you will appreciate the growth, the maturity and the fun in seeing how the characters have changed.

    • :d thanks for stopping.Though, I largely agree with you, Terence’s character wasn’t in the least bit mature… Check out that fight at the back of the car, which respectable adult does that? And of course, he had the most colourful lines stemming from the ‘weed’ lols

      Once again, always a pleasure to hear from you.

  2. Ohla, birthday being. Sorry it’s a little belated. Then again, better late than never, aye? The fight at the back of the car?? I think that wasn’t so bad. I mean there’s a child in each of us, right?? And they are supposed to be friends too. With friends, you don’t have to make excuses for being or acting in some sort of way. And seeing how he was real vain about his looks, I think the scene was apt. And hilarious.
    Have a good year ahead!!

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