Of Gratitudes And Open Letters…

Dear Derin’s Blog reader,


In the spirit of prevailing circumstances, the season, and trending letters, I have decided to address this short barrage of words to you. I would have loved to personally deliver it to your doorstep a la Santa Claus, but logistics have proven to be my bane, so I’m using this medium to reach out to you before the year ends.


Derin’s Blog has come a long way, I dare say. Though, it is nowhere near the number of hits/pageviews I would have loved, still, this blog has managed to introduce me to some wonderful people over it’s life and daily, it brings me in contact with new people. So, for everyone who follows, reads, or stumbles upon this blog, I am eternally grateful that you’ve given me your precious five minutes.


The internet today is loaded with too much information, and as a writer putting out his stories, poems and opinions out there, you all have been wonderful people, reading my works, correcting my grammatical gbagauns and of course threatening me with some bodily harm – those pips know themselves. :d. Once again, thank you for clicking links, opening mails and sharing this blog with your friends.


Before I stop, I have to shout-out to two people: Seun Odukoya and Sally Kenneth Dadzie. They’ve both been unwittingly drafted as my mentors in this fictional blogging business. They have both challenged, harrassed and of course improved my writing immensely. I am grateful to you two. More ink to your pen, and may the stories flow ceaseless.


Now, for a little about the outgoing year: I finally decided that I wanted to write, and write beautiful stories. So I made the decision to get off my lazy arse and get right to it. I mean, the best way to beat the procrastination and tardiness was to simply write. So I wrote, and then promoted – something I dreaded. And the views increased exponentially.


I am grateful for all the feedbacks I got: here on the blog, on twitter, via bbm and through other means. Thank you all.


As this is the final post for the year, I wish you all a wonderful and prosperous 2014 that’ll be both fulfilling and satisfying. By the time we welcome 2015, not one of us will have any regret or unaccomplished projects. So, on that note, let’s all welcome… 2014. Happy new year!


NB: I entered Tunde Leye’s write right 2 competition. I hope I make the cut and get a chance at the quarter mil up for grabs, and if I don’t, I don’t. *shrugs* I’ll keep you posted. Here’s hoping I got in. Cheers!


6 thoughts on “Of Gratitudes And Open Letters…

    • Er, I’d invite you for a sleepover, but you might take it the wrong way. But if you’re still in doubt, then we may sail on a yacht and I’ll explain the intricacies to you. #justsaying.

      How’ve you being? Been a very long while o, avoiding me?

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