Nurses #5

Hey guys, I’m so sorry for the blank post that went out earlier, my phone’s acting out this morning so I had to switch from my preferred upload device to the laptop. I apologize. No, if you will indulge me, here’s this weeks episode of the delightful Nurses saga, feel free to comment after reading. E se gaan…

Korede was in her element. She excelled where most of the nurses failed; crises management. Most times, during emergencies, she was the preferred nurse the hospital staff turned to coordinate the situation. Not because she was the best, but because above all else, she had mastered her emotion, and like a doctor was mostly aloof when dealing with patients. Korede had the ability to do what was exigent in crisis without even pausing to think on the repercussion of her actions. She was the doctor wearing a nurse’s badge in the hospital. Korede always told her colleagues, that the only way to survive the pain and depression that came with their job due to loss of patients was to care for them without any emotional entanglement.

Korede stood in the middle of the hallway dictating orders like a woman possessed, she marshalled her colleagues like an army commandant shouting orders at the troops under his command. The urgency in her voice proppelled her colleagues to act with singleness of purpose – save as many victims as possible. Korede oversaw the tagging and bedding of the accident victims. 
Fifteen people had been rushed in, eight were dead on arrival, two would not last the night and depending on how they were handled, the remaining five stood the risk of also going the way their fellow passengers went, if their cases weren’t properly handled. That was why, like a maniac Korede drove her colleagues into a frenetic saving mode.

She spied Kemi who had slumped earlier and hissed. Then she turned back and observed the lobby. ‘No! no! Mutiat, gentle with the victim. Do you want to send him on his way, save us the trouble?’ She glared.

Mutiat cowered.

Korede went to the man they had just dumped on the wheeler and checked his pulse. He was struggling to breathe and his skin was becoming bloated. Korede turned to Mutiat and shook her head. ‘What’s going on in that fine head of yours?’ She hissed as she coolly picked up a syringe, attached a needle to it and pulled out the base. Then she stabbed the man’s rib with the syringe.

It was like magic, blood gushed out of the man’s side and littered the floor, Korede could not care less, she had a duty to save lives, and by God she would stay true to that calling. Mutiat just stood there too dazed to move, then she saw the man sneeze, and started breathing better.

‘Internal haerrmoraging,’ Korede hissed and stalked off, leaving the stunned nurse to deal with her patient.

She checked the remaining victims and was satisfied with the efficiency of her colleagues. They already had the victims responding to treatment by stabilising them. When she got to Feyi and her patient, Korede felt like kissing the other nurse.

No one had dared to touch the victim as he screamed and fought when he was wheeled into the hospital. His body raged as though a thousand pins were stuck in at the same time. That was when Feyi took charge of him. First she injected him with the anaesthetics, in order to subdue the pain that was ravaging his body. Then, Feyi shouted for IV fluids and set up a pole beside the man whose eyes suddenly started displaying all sorts, rolling in its sockets as wheel in motion would.

Feyi injected the IV into his arm after strapping the man tightly to the bed. She had help. The unregistered nurses with the hospital worked in tandem with their superior colleagues and did the heavy lifting as the registered nurses took control.

By the time Korede got to Feyi, calm was already returning to the hospital lobby and that was when the first doctor appeared. Both ladies hissed in disdain. Like a typical action movie, the doctors like cops only showed up when the worst was over, to take credit for the work they didn’t do.

Kemi regained consciousness, slowly, she assessed the situation around her. Being too weak to run around or try to help anyone. She motioned at Mutiat, ‘hope we didn’t lose anyone?’

Mutiat managed a smile. ‘No, we didn’t. Surprising, every one of them survived.’

Kemi heaved a deep sigh of relief, ‘thank God.’ Then she rose up. Holding onto the slab for support. When she was convinced she could stand unaided, Kemi cleared the nurses station on her way to Feyi and Korede who were almost at the entrance of the hospital.

Korede gave her a once over, whilst standing beside Feyi, she hated that Kemi had failed her during the crisis. What if something had gone terribly wrong and the available nurses had been unable to handle it? She sighed and shook her head at Kemi who was smiling as she approached the duo.

‘I’m sorry babes, I don’t know what happened back there.’ Kemi apologised as she came to a stop in front of them.

Feyi hugged her. ‘It happens to the best of us. I had my dose earlier, remember?’ They both laughed.

‘Jelly livered people.’ Korede hissed and rolled her eyes.

‘Haba! Lighten up.’ Feyi poked her.

Korede glared, Kemi stuck out her tongue at her then Feyi poked Korede again.

Korede shook her head, ‘you two are absolutely incorrigible. Why do I hang out with you sef?’

Kemi’s response was to hug Korede, and Feyi did same. They remained in locked embrace for almost a minute, then they heard a cough. Slowly, they unentangled themselves only to be confronted by doctor Fred. He had a stern look on his face.

The three nurses left for the nurses station leaving doctor Fred standing alone. He stood there for a few minutes, gazing into faraway space. Then he turned, and noiselessly, made his way back into the hospital.

Peace returned to the hospital afterwards, the cleaners earned their salaries as they cleaned the blood and mess created off the hospital floor before disinfecting the whole area. Thirty minutes after the last patient had been wheeled to the ward, the hospital’s distinct smell rent the air. Throughout the remainder of their shift, the three nurses spoke about their day. Feyi was a little upset about her patient’s suicide. She realised though that it was not her fault.

When the three signed out in the staff register, having already changed into mufti, the deathtoll at the hospital on their shift was twelve. Two got to the hospital dead on arrival, one was an elderly man the hospital was glad to be rid of the other was was Feyi’s patient who had committed suicide. Then there were the other eight corpses brought into the hospital from the accident scene. They could not however claim responsibilty for those, so the hospital lost four of its patients and was gifted another eight corpses. The law of doubles Feyi thought as a smile played at the edge of her lips.

As the trio walked out of the hospital complex on their way to their various homes, Feyi wondered about the architecture of the hospital and how it looked peaceful on the outside. She shrugged, and took her mind off the deaths that had occured within the halls of the building. Then she hugged her colleagues and bid them good bye.

It was the end of another stress filled day.


Korede let herself into her apartment and threw her bag to corner. She wriggled out of her shoes as she turned to lock the door. Then she headed for the bathroom dropping the items of clothing she had on as she walked slowly toward the door. Her panties were the last to go, and she walked into the bathroom naked.

She observed her body in the wall mirror she had had installed. She cupped her breasts with both hands, they were firm and full. Korede approved. She ran her fingers over those precious assets and smiled. Then she proceeded to check for any unwanted lump in the hefty mounds that gave her frontal visage a huge following. When she was satisfied that she was not at any risk of breast cancer, she allowed her vanity run to continue.

She checked out her stomach. The paunch had refused to go down after all those exercise regiments she had indulged in. She had used herbal teas too, to no avail. She sighed. Her gaze travelled lower still. Her face lit up as she ran her hands on her hips and patted her bum softly. If there was a part of her body that gave her great joy, then her hands rested firmly on them. Kim Kardashian had nothing on her, she thought. Too bad she wasn’t as pretty, heck she’d give Kim a run for her cash.

Almost ten minutes passed before she finished inspecting herself and turning on the faucet to release water all over her body. She felt refreshed as the water rushed down on her, her spirit lifted as she lathered herself up with soap. Korede caught herself caressing her own body. She turned off the faucet and allowed the water drip off her body for a while, then she reached out and took her towel. She dried herself off before taking the smaller towel and using it to dry her hair.

She stepped back into her room with two pieces of towel on her. The large towel covered her body, whilst the smaller one was wrapped around her head. She bent down and picked up all clothing she had earlier strewn on the floor, gathering them into a pile before emptying them into her laundry basket. She hissed at the quantity of laundry she had to do. Curse the damned hospital for swallowing her whole life, she thought.

Her stomach growled. She walked over to the fridge and opened it. She was grateful that she had spared a can of yoghurt from her eating binge of the previous week. She opened the plastic can, stuck a spoon into the yoghurt chipping off a large chunk and placing in her mouth. Her face contorted as she withdrew the spoon from her mouth. She paused momentarily, then ran to the kitchen and emptied the content of her mouth in the sink, spitting it out. She then washed her mouth, cursing as she did. Korede emptied the content of the can into the sink before ditching the can in the trash can. She walked back into her room still hungry. She was still clad in her towel.

The hunger gnawed at her, making loud sounds in her stomach. She willed it away desperately searching through the eating options that she had. She finally made up her mind to buy chicken barbecue with potato chips. She got dressed and was about to step out of her apartment, when her phone rang.

Korede paused, took out the phone from her jeans pocket, then studied the strange number staring at it a while before finally pressing the green button. ‘You have reached Korede, who is this?’ She spoke in practised tone.

‘Good evening, I was wondering about the dosage you prescribed for me earlier today, would it be terribly early if I started off on the drug today?’

He hadn’t finished his sentence when Korede decoded it was the handsome man she had met at the hospital earlier that that day. She scolded herself for having totally forgotten all about him, blaming it on the emergency that occurred after his departure. ‘How would you like to proceed?’ She asked playfully.

‘I was thinking that I’d have to open a bottle, pour out drinks and use the prescription. The problem I have is with supervision. That’s why I’m calling, I need a chaperone.’

Korede rolled her eyes. This Femi guy sounded like a really cool customer, the way he played with words. She wondered if his talent was limited to words alone, or he could actually deliver on the unspoken promise that was important to her. She chuckled and caught herself for being so naughty.

‘Anything I said?’ Femi inquired over the phone.

‘No, not you, I just remembered something funny is all.’ Korede lied.

‘Okay o. If you say so. By the way, how close are you to Akerele Road in Surulere? Can you meet me up the Suya spot close to Ogunlana Road?’

Korede mulled it over. Her apartment was at Aguda in Surulere, so she was at worst twenty minutes away from the place. Yet, she didn’t want him believing he could ask her out anytime of the day. She was going to say no, when her stomach growled again, reminding her that she needed to be fed. ‘Sure.’ She replied. ‘Gimme thirty minutes.’

‘Thank you.’ Femi said obviously pleased with himself, then he terminated the call.


Kemi’s day had started on the wrong note, and though she had forgotten all about her depression when she threw herself into work, she found that the feeling was waiting for her at the busstop. As she bid her friends and colleagues goodbye, the dark sense of foreboding descended upon her. Throughout the journey home, she was moody, sighing deeply and eliciting stares from fellow passengers. She didn’t mind their looks.

At home, she fared no better. After settling into the monotonous routine of cleaning her apartment and cooking, Kemi found she had no desire for the food she had just prepared. She put it away in the freezer hoping PHCN would not stay true to their calling and offer darkness instead of light.

She was about turning in to sleep when her phone rang. She picked it up irritated by the piercing sound. Kemi checked the caller and a smile broke on her face. The gloominess she had battled all day suddenly fled as her smile heralded light, illuminating her entire being. Her spirit rose, and she answered the phone cheerily, ‘hello sweetheart, I’ve missed you so.’

‘I’m sorry I have bad news,’ the strange voice on the phone replied. ‘The owner of this phone was involved in a car accident…’

The phone dropped off Kemi’s hand and fell to the floor as she froze. She didn’t need the caller to complete his statement. She already knew what he would say, had known all day subliminally, this was just a confirmation call. Kunle was dead.




12 thoughts on “Nurses #5

  1. Those were some heroic stunts that those nurses pulled in the ER…hospitals would be better off if all nurses could do that.
    Korede’s my favorite nurse!
    Sad part…another death!

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