Nurses #1

He blinked slowly, struggling to open his eyes. His fingers twitched and all he could see were blurred visions, scattered light. He closed his eyes, and waited a few seconds, then bam! He opened them with determined force. It was a mistake he realised afterwards.

His brain had told him to close the eyes and reopen them. The message it never sent had to do with the speed of opening, he rushed the exercise and felt a stinging knock course through his body. A tear dropped from his right eye and he closed his eyes, as the pain ravaged his body. It passed after a minute, undettered though, he prepared his mind, ready to try again.

He had woken, no doubt. His brain was active save for a huge thumping on his head, he reckoned he was fine. Slowly, he opened his eyes again and the light rushed in. He almost shut them again to shield himself from the bright lights flooding his eyes. He continued the exercise though, and after two painful minutes, he became acclamatised to the light. His head continued to thump.

Slowly, he raised his head and tried to hoist himself up from the bed he lay on. That was when he saw it. He let out a loud wail as his brain replayed pictures of past events that probably brought him there.


He was driving, a smile on his face. He was at peace with the world and beside him was his date for that day. Presently, they had just shared a joke and she put her hand on his chest, slowly working her way down whilst he drove. He laughed as her fingers tickled. It wasn’t the first time he had been in that position and he let go of the steering for a few seconds.

‘You need to stop this dangerous play.’ He admonished her and grabbed the wheel again.

She laughed easily, ‘I thought you were a hard man? You’re such a jelly.’ She unstrapped her seat belt and lowered her head reaching for his pants. He allowed her touch him, she unzipped his pants and unstrapped his belt. Then she got hold of his stiff member and started stroking it, then she lowered her head and like a lolly pop and hungrily consumed it.

They were both drunk, still an alarm bell went off in his brain. He checked the dashboard, he was already doing 140Km/H. He tried to fight her off him so as to concentrate on his driving. His hands left the wheel for less than three seconds, but that was all the time it took.

He did not fight her off him in time to steer the car. It careened onto the road separator and was thrown off tumbling through space as it was hauled off the road.

‘No!’ He screamed as he watched her thrown against the windshield with a vehement force. Her head had violently hit the steering and he saw blood dripping from her head. ‘No!’ He screamed again, then the car hit the road again, bounced for a number of times. He had lost consciousness before the car finally came to a halt.


He looked down at his feet again and wailed. He couldn’t believe the horror he was seeing. He passed out as the doors flung open.

The lady checked the man lying on the bed in the hospital ward. Her duty over the last seven hours had been to watch him and notify the doctor immediately anything happened. She had gotten tired of the monotonous shift and gone to the nurses’ station in order to get the latest gists.

She worked feverishly as she checked his vitals, scanned the monitors and determined that his state of health hadn’t deteriorated below how she left him. She let out a sigh of relief as she found that he was responding to treatment. Then the doors opened again.

‘What happened?’ Those were the first words out of his mouth.

The lady trembled at the sight of him and gave a quick situation report. ‘The patient woke up from his unconsciousness and found that one of his legs had been amputated. He shouted and fainted again.’

The doctor moved towards the patient and checked his pulse, then he noticed the sweat beads on the patients head. The patient slowly turned his head as if disagreeing with someone, his eyes seemed to be active under their lids as he could see muscle movement. ‘Clean him up. Let me know when he comes to again.’ The doctor stalked off the room as quickly as he had come in.

The lady did a pantomime, mimicking his movements and words. Then she got a towel, rinsed it, and used it to clean the patient’s forehead. She was almost done went his hand gripped her wrist.

Her shock was momentary and she recovered quickly. She smiled at him, reassuring him and calming his anxiety. ‘Welcome back to the land of the living. My name’s Feyisayo, I’m your nurse.’

© Derin Gbadebo 2013.


17 thoughts on “Nurses #1

  1. That’s it… No more erotic thoughts when driving and we must fasten our seatbelts ALWAYS!!! … I love nurses, I feel they are the backbone of health institutions… please be kind to them 🙂 (Y)

  2. Hmmm nice story bro. That was a daring stunt they both pulled while driving. I am not a racist but I am proud to be black and bold this your white Nurse Fish aint anything close to Nurse Feyisayo. LOL that’s was a joke. Next chapter please. And Daireen is that the end of Money Game???

    • No sir, Money Game continues tomorrow Saturday. This one had to go up cause of a request by a friend who’s a med student. He’s helping with the technical part.

      And as per skin colour, sourced the foto from google. I actually need graphic art.

      Thanks for stopping.

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