Letting Go

Good Morning readers,

Been a sec I posted here right? I know, been working to serve up fresh stories with different perspectives. As y’all know a new series, Money Game started last week continuation tomorrow, stay tuned.

Today, I offer you an emotional story from a girl’s perspective written by Adunola. She tweets with the handle @belladune please leave your comments below, or mention her on twitter with your reservations. Enjoy the story…



The yellow-lit streets, the moon-lit skies, the sudden draft from speeding cars, the long walk down the curve, It was a perfect night. It had the hope of being the highlight of the week as I was going to be a girl again in a few minutes. The atmosphere was pleasant with each gush of air pushing back my pink scarf lying helplessly over my snake-sized head. I didn’t mind adjusting it each time, because running my hands around my face made me feel more attractive. I was in such high spirits that I regretted not having learned how to whistle in all of my childhood years. My refusal had gotten me my god-complex at least. I chose to hum along the bangs, my eardrums were reluctantly managing. It was a perfect night indeed.
Late night strolls were becoming a non-profitable habit for me. I had even taken a new name for this blissful act: Ms Night crawler. I had just had a breathtaking meal of garri and cold water. It’s all I ever had in that dreadful place. I was always too lazy to touch the kitchen knob or even look in the direction where the door was located. The truth is, cassava brand was my own blend of cannabis. People had wondered how starch could do a little too much to an esoteric individual earning me so much fame in this part of the world. It is easily manufactured therefore available in excess and quite affordable at that. For this act, I had gotten a finer name: The mayor of Garri Town. My drug had started taking effect you see. I had begun to lash out at my friend with those incoherent lines that used to get her all cracked up. As we made our way out of her gate, Funsho had heard someone call out her name so she’d started off to our destination by my side; with her buddy. Like I said before, I had my ear muffs with me so they had nothing to worry about.
The road was a long stretch. It wasn’t tonight though, as I was going to spell it all out where I was headed. This was the night I was to bury my principles, that one night I was going to admit I had a hole in my heart for some bulldog-like 6-foot maniac with chauvinistic issues. It started with a mere hand shake and had escalated to a full bucket of sweat after about 10 minutes together in a well-ventilated room. It was world war L in my head. I was finally going to convince the world I was carved out of mud too.
It had started drizzling so we all strutted faster than the degree the world itself could help. The silhouettes ahead were becoming less vague as we approached and none but one seemed familiar. My usual uneasiness crept in. This time it dragged a bad sight, K legs and a tremor along with. I thought of screaming my thoughts out meters away but I didn’t want our first fight to be on the way I professed my love to him. It had to be of more quality I thought. My friend and her escort rushed into the party without warning and so I was left with my words against the figure north of me.
His friends walked off lending me some more air to dry my over-soaked black chiffon blouse which was on the verge of dripping sweat into my pants. He was glad to see me, as always. He stretched out his arms which I almost ran into as he thanked me for attending his bash. I sang him a butchered version of the very random “happy birthday to you” and he blessed me with the smile he’d assumed I wanted. And so that was my ginger. I was so enthused to get the profession of my love for him part done with. After all, he’d asked me out severally and I just built up enough energy to say ‘yes’. I was so excited that this day was going to go down in history. And it did.
It was a long way back. I was alone. I walked into the dark night with the noise from the party growing fainter with each step away. As I staggered along, I could only hear his words even louder. “No one waits on a frigid girl forever. I might’ve liked you once but there’s a better girl helping me with the cleansing.” He had smiled in that devilish way again as he freed his palms from mine with a hint of irritation. I was too alarmed to burst into tears so I just smiled back. And so I walked on with scattered thoughts wishing I hadn’t taken my garri on this one night. I pulled out his gift from my purse and threw it on the road hoping that a large lorry would shatter the watch and his memory in my head as he had done to my newly malfunctioning heart. The times we would have had, the places we would have been, the wars we would have fought, he quenched them all in two sentences.
As I let the first drop fall freely, I pushed the door to my room open. And then I said in a melancholic tone, “I will let go.”



14 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. That’s mean! “…..a better girl helping with the cleansing”. Errr…’Snake-sized head’? I don’t ever wanna see that kinda head o. Love the story! Oya dudes, apply now and soothe this heart.

  2. Pardon me if my mind is drifting a little too far, but then this “It started with a
    mere hand shake and had escalated to a full
    bucket of sweat after about 10 minutes together in
    a well-ventilated room” had me going “O_o is that what I think it is”!

    A simple piece,straight to the point! Well narrated,good dictions! I like ma. 🙂 good job!

  3. Oh well….the guy’s a chauvnistic prick…she should have landed a slap on his face for good measure,a birthday he’ll never forget :d hehehehe…

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