Money Game #1

Justin knew he was destined for greatness. Okay, maybe he didn’t know per se, but his waking dream was about doing great things on the face of the earth. Becoming famous and using only his first name. Justin was a dreamer. And he worked hard to make the dreams a reality.

Since his university days, Justin had always talked of grand things. He taught himself to walk the walk, talk the part and make a damned good first impression.

Then school ended, national service came and he was amongst the lucky ones to be posted to Lagos. However, after orientation camp, he was seconded to a stockbroking firm. He had always wanted a crack at the oil companies and had networked heavily to be posted there. So when he got his letter and it wasn’t as he expected, he walked away from the parade ground dejected.

A fellow corper and roommate (Segun) found him where he was seated, staring into into space, lost in thought.

‘Dude, what’s your deal?’ Segun asked worried about his friend. Though they met three weeks earlier, their friendship had blossomed. He sat beside Justin and and stared ahead.

‘These people are wicked mhen, I was posted to a stockbroking firm. Me a chemical engineer in a stockbroking house. What happened to the oil and gas companies?’ He lamented as he handed his letter over to Segun.

Segun smiled. ‘You have it good man, I was posted to a government parastatal. Because I read an education course now, I suppose become government worker abi?’

Justin raised his head and looked at his friend. ‘I’m sorry mhen, so whatchu gon’ do now? Reject yourself?’

Segun shrugged. ‘Nope. If they’ll have me, I’ll stay. At least I have it better than those posted to the remote areas of the state. Hopefully I may have made really good contacts before the end of the service year, who knows?’

Justin managed a smile. ‘That’s the same conclusion I just made o. Before you brought me back to earth. I was just making my entry into Wall Street.’

Segun shook his head, ‘you and tall dreams though. Sha don’t go and crash land o.’

Justin smiled as he stood. ‘Not bloody likely mhen, I’m going to rule the industry.’

‘Yeah, like you said you would rule the camp but never got round to doing it. Calm down dude, learn the ropes first. Besides, who says you’ll be there at this time next year?’

Justin considered Segun’s wise words. The reason why they had become really close was because Segun had a calming effect on his grand schemes. He was supportive yet rational.

‘I’ll keep your words under advisement sir. I gotta go now. The nation calls.’ He collected his letter from Segun and picked up his bag.

‘Yes boss! And we leaving imprints bro.’ Segun had caught Justin’s bug.

They hugged each other and left on their way to report at their respective employer’s office. As Julius left the camp gate, he stared back and looked in. He had been imprisoned there for three weeks, whilst getting indoctrinated. Now it was time to unleash his potential on the corporate world. Hold up world, he thought, I’m on my way. He was smiling as he joined a bus.


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