Maureen had always wanted a blackberry phone since Chidera brought one to school and started acting as though those without the phone were lepers. She wanted to also show off her own phone and make it know that she could tango with all the happening ladies.

She harangued and nagged her elder brother until the poor soul bought her a fairly used phone that had been refurbished to look new. Maureen couldn’t care less, she had gotten her wish.

It then remained money for mobile internet, BIS. That was where Chudi came in. He was the atm that spilled the cash. Eventually, she got her phone online and started sharing her PIN with friends.

She hadn’t used the phone for more than a week when she got a strange request. She looked at the name, Iffy4Luv and wondered who it was. Curiousity made her accept the request and she continued chatting with her friends.

‘Hey,’ Iffy4Luv wrote.

‘Who is this?’ Maureen typed back.

‘My name’s Ifeanyi, I had this PIN on my phone. Clearly, one of my friends sold his phone.’

‘Oh, that makes sense.’

‘I like your screen name ‘Sexylilmama’, can we be pals?’

‘Ah, the brazen one. I suddenly find your story suspect.’

He sent her a rolling on the floor smiley and her heart thawed. They chatted for hours that day and she ended up telling him her name and giving him her number.

They chatted for the first week from dawn till dusk, and then a little into the new day before catching few hours of sleep. Maureen became addicted to her phone, Chudi was slowly becoming a forgotten character in her life. She lived and breathed for Ifeanyi and her blackberry.

Weeks turned to months and months to years, and though the intensity of their chatting had slowed, Maureen found she was truly drawn to the phantom personality that was Iffy4Luv. Yes, she had seen pictures, but she had heard enough stories to doubt.

Ifeanyi couldn’t believe his luck. He had wanted to ping his friend Tolu when he happened upon her. Having sworn not to have anything to do with any lady, he had wanted to amuse himself when he saw her name. All these ugly girls that claim they were hotter than fire he thought. Let’s see what she looks like.

So he engaged her, and they kept chatting. They chatted till it was past midnight and he realised he had work the next day. They continued chatting, through the following week, him stealing away from work to ping her, their friendship developed and time passed along.


The drummers and praise singers were battling for superiority, each wanting a lion’s share of the money that was been sprayed their way. Maureen sat on her exalted chair smiling, her joy was boundless. She had just completed her youth service and gotten employment with a consulting firm, and now this. She was getting married. She remembered how it all started, his first word to her… ‘hey’.


7 thoughts on “Hey

  1. awwwww, this is sweet.
    I personally find it extremely difficult to talk to anyone online if i dont know the person ‘in person’

    • Lmao! This is some confusing ish! You don’t do twitter sir?

      On a serious note though, it can be a little hard to talk to pips online. They always suspect your motives…

      Thanks for stopping.

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