The club was noisy as the DJ played contemporary dance songs and the dance hall buzzed with people gyrating their bodies to the sound of the beat. The klieg lights did very little to illuminate the hall, yet the club goers seemed to see in the darkness.

She sat with her friends sharing drinks as well as jokes at a table. It seemed she was enjoying herself, but she was in fact watching her prey, finalising her plan. She downed her drink in one gulp, then poured herself another round; it was time.

He sat nursing his drink, casting furtive glances around, whilst he waited for his contact. He wore a trendy pair of spectacles giving off an aura of a geek. He felt out of place in the club, but he had no option in the matter, his contact had insisted.

She made her way towards his table, swaying this way and that. She gave off the impression of a drunk, pliable lady. She walked past his table, then suddenly turned back and slammed her glass on the table. ‘Hello’, she said in a tipsy manner.

He adjusted his spectacles, smiled nervously and responded ‘hi’. Then he looked forward, focusing on an imaginary object.

‘You look familiar’, she rubbed her bosom on his arm and guffawed in his face.

His face contorted as his right hand shot upwards to cover his mouth from further assault from the strange woman. ‘No miss, I’m sure we haven’t.’ He took his drink and got to his feet.

She pulled him back on to his stool. ‘Haba, Dare! Are you denying me now?’

He became hot all over. His anger boiling, ‘lady, I do not know you.’ His voice was almost a scream, he was near hysteria. He stood again, this time, sans drink.

She smiled in a coquettish manner, ‘haba’ she slapped both hands on his back playfully dragging him back with his shirt. ‘Dare dear, how can you say you’ve forgotten me. Me, Tinuke, your sweetheart?’ She paused to take a sip of her drink.

He was aghast. He had never seen this woman before in his life, he was certain, but she seemed familiar with him. Damn, he thought, there’s no escaping her viciousness.

He forced a weak smile, ‘Labake! I’ve been looking all over for you. Why did you behave like that? You left me all by myself.’ He embraced her, squeezing her body into his. Two, he thought, can play the game.

She felt the hardness of his loins, shit! Would this run require the servicing node? She hadn’t counted on him being horny. Guess you never know with the males. She continued her charade.

She took his face in her hands. ‘Your eyes have grown larger than the last time,’ she poked her fingers at the spectacles.

He moved back, reluctant to release her. She had sparked off reactions in his body he didn’t know he was capable of. Damn, such succulence, he made to embrace her again and her hands fell to his waist. He thought nothing of it, he was keen on getting another bout of gratification.

She smiled wantonly, allowing him run his hands over her and rub his loins against hers. If she wasn’t on a mission, she might have willingly paid for their privacy. But her mission was complete, it was time to go.

She suddenly pushed him away slightly and focused on his face. ‘You’re not Dare!’

‘And you’re not Labake, but let’s pretend those were our names…’ he started approaching her.

She held out a hand and stopped his movement towards her. ‘I’m so sorry, to have disturbed you.’

She was gone before he could utter another word. He stood there, his mouth agape. He realised then that the place was noisy.

He walked back to his table, his body slowly calming. He regained his senses and proceeded to feel his merchandise. That was when he noticed he had been robbed. Her first words came back to him then, ‘hello’. It had all been a ruse.


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