It was a chilly evening, the trees bowed to the soft winds, the roads were scanty as it had rained earlier in the day causing the evening chill, and a town that looked deserted, desperately in need of development.

He walked slowly, his head bowed. He had a lot on his mind as he walked home, neither the chill nor the wind could make him cold; he shook his head for the umpteenth time, how was he supposed to do what was required? Then he heard a noise ahead of him.

She looked to be in her early twenties, skipping over the poodles that had formed on the road, avoid the large pools of dirty water. Her movement was lithe and she seemed upbeat despite her present predicament.

He studied her for a while, she seemed temporarily disoriented or geographically challenged as she studied each house she passed and looked down each road intently before deciding to move on. He shook his head in pity, his own troubles forgotten, this was another soul lost in the jungle they called civilization. He hastened his steps, maybe he could be of help to her, point her in the right direction.

He caught up with her as she dallied, wondering whether to go left or right. ‘Hi,’ there was a smile on his face.

‘Good evening,’ she courtesied.

Ah, she’s has cool manners he thought; his smile broadened. He noticed then, that she was really beautiful with a easy smile that would doubtless have caused no small measure of men to do her bidding. ‘Can I be of help, you seem lost.’

‘Not really, I’m just sight seeing. I’m a visitor in this town’

‘Okay then, it appeared to me like you could use some pointers, that’s why I asked. Sorry to have intruded.’ He strode purposefully away from her and continued his walk. He had done his bit.

‘Wait.’ She called after him, picking up her pace. ‘I could use a guide, someone who knows the town well. I’ve been seeing things and wondering, with no one to explain to me.’

The smile returned to his face, ‘then, you’ve found the perfect guide. Let me show you the town of Ayemere in all of it’s splendour.’

They walked for almost an hour with the girl asking him all sorts of questions. He answered all, enlightening her about the town. Then she announced it was time for her to go.

‘Won’t you even relax a bit? Rest your tired limbs whilst regaining your energy by grabbing something to bite?’

She looked at him oddly. ‘You are very kind sir, but I have to go now, before darkness takes over the land. This was fun, thank you.’

‘It’s just a stone throw from here, my house. Do have a bite.’

She studied his sad face and had pity on him. He was a lonely man in desperate need of companionship. She agreed. ‘Lead the way, I’m truly famished.’

He was smiling again. He took her to his home and gave her snacks and juice. She was surprised at how clean and trendy his room was.

‘I came back to town from Lagos a couple of years back. I still do business there, but I’m what you can term ‘omo oko’ now. I reside fully here.’ He explained.

‘That’s sweet. Please where’s your toilet, I need to wash my face.’ She had become comfortable.

‘Down there,’ he pointed and she went in the direction of his hand.

As she went, he saw for the first time what he had missed all the while. Seated on the his bed he watched as her backside swayed causing no small stir in his loins. It had been a really long while he remembered.

He shook his head vigorously slapping himself in order to snap out of the lustful desire. He started thinking about what the old man had said to him this time. She had been a wonderful distraction and companion. Once she came back, he would point her home and face his problems squarely.

When she arrived however, that thought evaporated out of his head. She had allowed water fall to her chest region accentuating her bosom, his loins stirred again, and a certain member stood still.

Damn he thought, what had he gotten himself into?

‘I’m ready to go.’ She said.

He stood, and followed her out.


Her eyes opened and closed. She struggled to stay awake, her whole body felt heavy, and she knew she was dying. She tried to remember what happened, all she could recall was one word… ‘hi.’


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