Let Me Write You A Love Song

She passed by with such grace
A sylph divine, oh an angel
She walked before me and mere mortal I,
Was touched by her aura
That without beats I began thus:

Let me write you a love song
With lyrics divine-ly inspired
Words never spoken
Of love so pure it rings for aeons

Slowly I arose
Following her majestic grace
Lost, a soul desperately clinging
I longed for a look, a moment
When she would hear my words, feel my song


She turned around
Slowly came to a stop
Looked at lowly me
Smiled and nodded her appreciation
As she listened, listened to…


Now I know
I’m a slave, yours
For with you I eternally want to be
In your aura I want to dwell
And forever I want to sing…


NB: if you can score music or produce songs, do please work on this and let me hear how it sounds…


17 thoughts on “Let Me Write You A Love Song

  1. Well.

    First off – let me say; fantastic writing.

    That said, there needs to be a melody, a harmony – a tune whoever’s producing is going to work with. You wrote it, therefore you should have an idea what it should sound like. Else…

    We can ‘beat’ it into a beat. You just might not like it.

    Your choice. Nice one.

    • Looks like that didn’t come out right.
      Wetin I want talk na sey to use am write song no be the wahala, na make the song fit reach the level of the poem be the work.
      Just how movie directors have problems adapting a novel that would wow viewers like the novel.
      We go try Baba, nice one!

  2. Beautiful poem. It might lose a certain degree of elegance if it becomes a music to be sung.
    And if they make it into a music video, let it not be of a boy following a girl aimlessly on an empty road o. Hehe.
    Well done, Derin, $ß.

  3. I see a Dare Art Alade somewhere in this song mastered by Cobhams , pls don’t allow any tom, dick and harry touch this. Kindly place a copyright on it asap. Daireen this is a beautiful piece it takes a beautiful soul to produce. Keep it up. I read it 5times and over, my “bathroom music career” seems to find a melody *wink lol.

    • Lizzy, Lizzy, I have missed your queen sized wahala oo, *winks*

      Was waiting to see get your response, and that ‘tears to your eyes’ line just humbled me. Now I gotta new swing in me walk.

      How’s you?

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