Goodbye My Lover

There I sat at my table fumbling for words to write, making doodles as I struggled to compose a sonnet that would immortalize the good times we shared. So I sat there that cool afternoon, wondering for the life of me what words to use to capture her essence.

Now you probably think I’m an incorrigible romantic, a regular Romeo, maybe I am; but to the one I am about to write this love song, I wasn’t. I was the quintessential African man, stubborn and unyielding; it cost me true love.

Days have gone by now, weeks on wings flew, and even months are beginning to slowly crawl, still this ache for her hasn’t ceased… I long for her, but my actions it was that pushed her away, and my pride, that made me stand my ground.

Now, it seems too late to say I love you, when really that is all I want to scream on the rooftop. Make a fool of myself and let the world know she ‘got’ me. But it is too late. I heard she is dating again, learning to smile and live again, hence this parting gift I hope to give. A sonnet of love that we once shared…

Still at the table I sat, sweating profusely in an air conditioned room, this is not JAMB, but I was surely failing. I tried, the words eluded me; I wrote, the spellings were incorrect; I scribbled, the sentences lacked lustre for in my heart, I was not ready to draw a curtain.

So I sat there and cried. Instead of writing a sonnet I wept. We had a love so true and I acted the fool, now she is gone and I’m wiser. Soon the page on which I wrote was soaked with tears, then came the inspiration to write this…

With tears streaming and words failing;
A deep ache and my heart ailing;
These words resonate within me frail-ly
I love you eternal-ly…


13 thoughts on “Goodbye My Lover

  1. This piece is sweet, has a sedate pace about it that makes you feel sorry for the MC, and in the end you are left saying Goodbye to his lover. Even though you blame him a little, you end up wishing he heals and moves on with lessons learned.

    Nice one, Derin. Well done. $ß.

  2. as usual….nice piece. The fun part, was while he was lacking words to express his pain cum loss…he did the exact thing in the 4th paragraph. Well done.

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