A Ghost From The Past #13

After the whole Imole drama, I realized that I had it in me to say no, and move on. That I had been pining and waiting for her to show up again in my life so I could end things once and for all with her. I got a burst of courage after asking her to leave my apartment, and it propelled me. So, I did its bidding.


Buoyed by the release I got from settling things with Imole, I went in search of Trisha. Her looming threat acknowledged, I wanted out of her game completely.


I found her at home, it was a bright Saturday afternoon. And I was ready for any eventuality.


She smiled upon seeing me. ‘I knew you’d come around, see things my way.’


I shook my head with distate. ‘You are still living in your fools paradise? I didn’t come here to grovel or beg, no. I came here to tell you that I have had enough. Enough of this game you… you are playing with me. I want out.’


She sat there on her sofa, smiling sweetly at me. ‘I’ve told you honey, the only way out of this game is if you leave town, vanish from the face of the earth. Or die.’ She was still smiling. ‘Otherwise, come here, lemme massage your stressed out muscles, it’ll be like old days, you rub my back, I rub yours and we do a lot of other things…’ she winked.


I stood there stupefied, Imole had been an easy adversary to conquer, it was almost three years. Trisha on the other hand was my immediate past. A familiar evil. I realised then that I was not in any way prepared to take her on; and that too, in her lair.


She stretched her hands towards me as she stood. ‘Come darling, did you think I was calling you ‘sugar’ for nought?’ She shook her head making sounds with her tongue as she traced a finger on my shoulder and walked behind me. Her hand started to fall down my spine, tingling my bones as it went.


I caught the hand at my waist and turned to face her. I did not realise I had it in me to be that serious, my face was expressionless and hard.


‘Sugar!’ She teased and brought her head forward, ready to kiss me. I put up my right hand as a wedge between our lips and pushed her away.


‘I want out!’


‘Sugar, you still don’t get it do you? You cannot have all the fun as you wanted, run out of town, to evade us, and finally come back demanding your life back. No! See, the way I see it, you’ve had your fun, now is the time for us to enjoy you. And you do know how to pleasure a woman…’ she was stroking my face again, seducing me.


I caught her hand and threw it away. ‘No. The way I see it, we all had fun whilst it lasted and now that a party is unwilling to continue, I guess it’s game over. I’ll even concede defeat to you ladies. You taught me a good lesson.’


The smile had not left her face, she shook her head slowly and pursed her lips. ‘You really thought I enjoyed sharing you? I wanted you every night, but you were always away, busy with her.’ She suddenly grabbed my polo shirt by the neck with both hands. ‘The only reason, the only way I am ever letting you go, is if you do what you did to Sonia to me.’


I was about snapping her hands off my shirt when I stopped, frozen in flight. ‘Sonia? What the hell did I do to Sonia?’ Rage was welling up in me.


She felt the negative vibes coursing through my body and stepped back, releasing my shirt. ‘You impregnated her.’


She said it in such a nonchalant manner, it was almost unbelievable. I was stupefied and started laughing in a delirious manner. ‘That’s a bad joke, and you know it.’ My face had regained its hardness, this time, I was snarling.


Her eye brow arched. ‘It is hardly a joke, she just delivered a cute girl who looks totally like you. You got her pregnant, where her first husband could not, and you say I’m joking?’ It was her turn to glare.


It was too much to take. I had sired a daughter? Through Sonia? And now Trisha wanted her exact pound of flesh; who could blame her. Finally I found a seat. I had arrived in hell I thought.


Trisha was not having any of my emotional drama, she wanted a child too, preferably a boy. And she wanted me to start working on the bundle of joy right then. She sat astride me on the sofa, her soft perfume taking over my senses, her soft breasts screaming for attention. Then she kissed me.


It was hot, rough and passionate. I was a train wreck and she was taking advantage of me. Suffice to say, little me had started a parade and was dishing out all sort of commands. It was like old times, I was rediscovering places I had pushed into the recesses of my mind.


We were getting steamy on the sofa, I could tell she wanted this as badly as it now happened that I did too. Then my timer went off.


I can’t say I read it anywhere or that it was inspired from heaven. All I knew was that I needed a plan B, in case things didn’t go the way I wanted. So I set my timer for twenty minutes before entering her apartment. I was ready to speed dial Tolu and the gang if need be. What I didn’t prepare for was the news, and her seduction. I pushed her away.


‘I can’t do this. No, there’s no way I impregnated Sonia, no way!’ I stood away from her, still desiring her, but I willed my mind to remember. Remember if I was a father truly.


She stood up slowly, her hair was a mess, her shirt had slackened in the front and her breasts fought to be completely free of her bra. Yes, it hadn’t taken more than two minutes, but like a true maestro, I had played her keys.


She looked at me and shook her head bitterly. ‘If you will not give me what I want, then, you would do well to die today. I will follow you to the ends of the earth, if need be. You have just been bound to me.’ The look on her face changed to distate, ‘now, get out of my house!’


I did not need any prodding, I left the apartment with a very angry little man who decided to defy me by continuing his parade. I got in my car, and started driving towards any bar on the Island. See, the ladies lived in Lekki, and I was almost at Victoria Island when it hit me. I hadn’t seen Sonia or her baby, my child.


I turned around and placed a call to Sonia. Yes, I should have deleted their numbers, but I wouldn’t know which calls to ignore, so I left both contacts. I learned it was a wise choice.


She answered the call, unfortunately her kid had developed something, and whilst she explained it to me, my paternal instincts became activated. She gave me the name of the hospital and I drove like a man chased by the devil himself.


I got to the hospital in record time, parked anyhow and ran like a man possessed into the reception. That was where the nurses brought me back to earth.


We argued for a while, I told them my daughter was dying and I needed to see her. The older nurse snorted, her eye brow raised, ‘the child’s not in danger of death. It’s just cold.’ Then she ordered the younger nurse to take me to the ward.


The last thing I noticed her do before disappearing after the younger nurse into the wards was shake her head in disbelief, clap her hand and say words I was too far to pick up.


I was shown the ward, Sonia was slowly rocking the cradle the child slept in. I walked in cautiously and she largely ignored me, though she knew I was in the room.


I turned around to have a good look at the baby. In the heat of the moment, I had claimed it as mine, and somewhere deep down, I knew I was not the architect of this life that nestled in the cradle; enjoying it’s life.


Trisha was correct, the kid had my features, or was I desperate for it to be true? To know that I was a father? ‘Hi,’ I finally said and before she could either respond or ignore me completely, the doctor backed into the room.


‘Okay, so from the scan results we have been able to…’ that was how far she got before she stopped in her tracks, frozen and surprised to see me there.


I was already staring at her like a fool. I could not believe my eyes, life was playing a cruel joke on me and the gods must be falling over themselves with laughter at the look on our faces.


She recovered first and made to continue her speech as she walked further into the room.


‘You, you are a doctor?’ I stammered.


She smiled, ‘obviously honey, and if you will excuse me, I’d like to help your ailing daughter.’


Something snapped then, ‘no! The child is not mine, and no, this is not my wife.’ I was still stupefied to see her.


She shrugged just as she had done when she announced to me that she was married, that I had been her accomplice in adultery. I could not believe my eyes, but standing in front of me, in a doctor’s overall was Mrs Abisogun Leigh.


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