Moradeke – Conclusion

Like I said, my story started well, I have a very good family, the best in the world. And for selfish amorous reasons, I tore it all apart. Yes my family is torn now and it’s all on me. I had a swell time with daddy at our tryst after the preacher’s warning, and drove home. Daddy came home later. My mother not suspecting anything, had made dinner and prepared the table. That night, we all ate dinner – as a family – oblivious of the storm that was headed our way. If only I had opened my mouth and fessed up right there, blown open the can that I had kept closed all along, maybe. But then again maybe the knowledge would have destroyed us faster, who knows?


I can’t say how it happened exactly, but daddy started having loads of troubles. It seemed everyone was out to get him – the banks wanted to recoup their money, business partners wanted nothing to do with him, even dubious EFCC and the Police were on his case haba! Apparently, he had done a deal that went sour, actual it sank – the vessel he had invested so much in. Unfortunately, he had been warned severally not to invest in the venture, he took the risk and as karma would have it, he lost.   That was the reason for his troubles, I convinced myself.


I finally told mum about my illicit affair with her husband. She took it in stride and informed me that her husband – my father – had already called a closed door meeting with the other members of the family and confessed his wayward ways. Of course Jide Took a job in the UK and was out of the country before you could blink. Tomiwa followed Jide and where he went, I don’t know. It made sense then, why my brothers had avoided me and left the country unceremoniously.


Then mum smiled and informed me that to crown dad’s troubles, he had a medical condition. No, it wasn’t a sexually transmitted disease; daddy had a disease whose name I didn’t get as everything became a blur when I heard he was dying. My eyes stung as tears filled my eyes.


Mum smiled, ‘I’ll take care of my husband, nurse him the best way I can, but know this; though you are welcome to stay in our house, you have ceased to be my daughter. I only have two sons and they are doing well where they are.’ Her smile was icy and I realized that it was over between us, I had crossed the line between mother and daughter and though she had found it in her heart to forgive us both, she would have none of me. Her husband she had a ‘till death do us part’ contract with, so she stayed.


That was months ago, I finally moved out of the house as daddy’s case worsened; he even would have nothing to do with me. I have a good job now, having graduated with good grades and a strong network. I long for family to be the way it used to be, stand with daddy as he battled death. What I have instead is loneliness. I cannot remember the last time felt heat from a man body warm me, it has been over a year and every day that passes creates a new record. I’m constantly in fear of the words of the prophetess. I practically spend my all my money now buying gifts for men of God imploring them to pray with me. I know it’s coming for me, but when karma gets finally finds me, I want it sufficiently placated.


Your end will be most grievous… the words of the prophetess are the first and last words in my head daily.


8 thoughts on “Moradeke – Conclusion

  1. What! Her mum has to be the most saintly human on the planet! Allowed her stay in the house?? Oh, yeah, ‘Denzel’ was too ill to stick it to her anymore. But even though! Me, as a wife, I’ll personally scratch out the eyes of anyone that tries to ruin my family, oh, blood or not. Better when it’s blood, sef, because I gave her life and I can take it away with my conscience still intact. I’ve been trying for the last hour to think up ends gruesome enough for her, but so far I can’t find any. I’ll keep thinking… Thanx for keeping me glued to WordPress for 5 days! 🙂

    • I guess we’ll employ you as Karma abi? One hour… 😮 I guess I did a fairly good job by allowing each individual think up a grievous end for our dear lady 🙂

      And you’re welcome… *bows*

    • Really? Soft landing? The lady’s going crazy, mental and you call that soft? Maybe you expected me to kill her sha or punish her atrocities, Maybe that’s why you think it’s soft. Truth is there are things in this life she will never enjoy again. I hope you know that she’s already a basket case.

      I left her punishment to the imagination of the reader for a reason, every man will take a while to ruminate about the gravity of her atrocity and what she should get by way of punishment.

  2. Chai!!! i can’t imagine one’s sister embark on such elektral complex relationship with one’s dad. when my lecturer was explaining the Elektral complex in Psychology, we were skeptical, methinks this is so realistic.

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