Moradeke #3

I seduced him two more nights in a row, I’m sure you do not want all the juicy details as you are not as perverted as me, right? Well, maybe you were hoping for a little Victoria secret, well there’s none. Let’s just say for three consecutive nights, I had the bliss of knowing my father as a lover. There, that wasn’t all that bad eh?


The second night, I used the trusty drugs, but for the third, I was sure somewhere in his mind, he knew about us, so I just sat there naked, waiting for him to come home to me.


He did. He went straight up the stairs and whilst I was berating myself for not having supernatural powers, he called out to me.


‘Deke, come here.’ Then as an afterthought, he added, ‘I’m in the guestroom.’


My heart leaped for joy. We had done it on the sofa on the two previous nights. Now, I was sure daddy wanted a bed. Since he couldn’t desecrate his matrimonial bed like he has done me, the guestroom could serve as a perfect place to carry out our ungodly act. If our next guest have nightmares, who cared?


He was sitting on the bed, in his boxers when I got into the room.


‘Close the door behind you,’ he said and I wondered if anyone else was going to hear what he was about saying, we were the only ones in the house duh!


I did as he asked and he started right off.


‘Have you no shame? I am your father. How could you do this?’


Of course I was at a loss for words, totally confused at what daddy was implying. I mean, I was wearing that demonic lingerie again with nothing underneath; I couldn’t bother with Victoria so I stood there innocently perturbed.


‘Are you going to say something?’ I could see he was angry.


I studied the surrounding; he was in his boxer shorts which meant he was ready and willing to get it on, all that talk, and bravado. I became defiant as I declared solemnly. ‘I love you daddy.’


His jaw hit the floor. I wasn’t sure he would recover in time to pick it up. He just kept staring at me and I stood there wondering what was going on in his mind. I shifted from foot to foot and waited.


‘You cannot make such declarations you hear me? It’s bad enough we have already spent two nights together, but this is not right. Please ‘Deke, you are my daughter, what would the world say about me, and you? Don’t you want to get married?’


‘I love you daddy. It’s all that matters to me now.’ My chest was beating fast, if with his lucid mind, daddy called it off, all my groundwork would have been in vain. Not that I would hold it against him or anything.


I stood there and he sat still on the bed. Minutes passed, both of us lost in our thoughts, or was it a mind game we played? I can’t bother with that now, I just knew I was not ready to capitulate, I wanted that night.


You can always depend on a man’s tool in moments like that, where you are having a stand-off with a lover, his bulge and eyes are the two things you need to focus on. His mouth and whatever words were coming out, they don’t mean a thing.


So we waited. Then, unconsciously, he patted the space beside him. Of course, y’all grownups, I don’t have to tell you what that means.


I stood still, if we were doing this, I needed to hear him say it.


‘Come here, sit with me.’ He patted the spot again.


I didn’t need much prodding after that.


‘No one can know, no matter what! You do not call asking me to come out to your school, you don’t make outrageous demands on me. We will find the time and place, is that okay by you?’


He was oozing warmth and desire, I wanted to jump on him, and get it on, but first I had to know. ‘Does this mean we are lovers? Not just adults scurrying about trying to take off each other’s clothes?’


He nodded, ‘yes.’


‘Good, then you will get home on time and allow me make dinner for you, then we can come here okay?’


He agreed and needless to say, if I thought the first two nights were steamy, I found that nothing compared to the third. It was divine!


The fourth day I went about my house chores like I couldn’t care less, Jide had called to say he would be extending his trip to sometime in the next week, mum wasn’t due for another three days so all was well in ‘Deke land. I had my man and he had finally acknowledged me. So I prepared a lavish dish for dinner and made plans on just how things would go, I forgot one small detail.


That night, whilst waiting for daddy to get home to his surprise meal and meal (winks)… I distracted myself with the video game; I still hadn’t completed the ‘God of War III‘ story. At about eight p.m. the door opened and my heart leapt, I was about throwing down the game controller when he called out.


‘Deke, I’m home!’ Tomiwa had cut short his visit, oh oh!


6 thoughts on “Moradeke #3

    • Didn’t know you are also a perv sha! =)) it woulda been cool if they were caught in the act na, you know, Tomiwa is on the horn telling mom and Jide ‘Dad’s been dipping into ‘Deke’s honeypot! But I digress…

      Let’s see how this goes eh, patience. 2 more posts and it ends. 😉

      • Lol!!! Me, a perv! It takes one to know one, sha. But telling Mom “Dad’s been dipping into Deke’s honeypot”? That’s a new level of cringe worthiness!

      • well… you suggested they be caught, what do you expect Tomiwa to do na? Plus he’ll be scarred for life remember. That picture will never leave his head.

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