Moradeke #2

Daddy got home fairly early; I think it was because of me. The time was ten thirty and he was mildly drunk. Seeing me with the video game, he shook his head, ‘I thought you’d be asleep.’


‘I was waiting for you,’ I replied.


‘Keeping tabs on me eh? Did your mother put you up to this?’ He was already switching the channel to CNN.


If anything, my parents trusted themselves, I hadn’t heard of any case of infidelity between the two, so for daddy to ask that question, I knew he was just playing with me. I smiled.


‘Since you are here, please help me bring my wine from the kitchen. And don’t forget to bring a glass too.’ He called after me as I left.


When I got into the kitchen, the wine was there all right, chilled and waiting to be consumed. I stood there contemplating on whether or not to follow through with my plan. I was there a while because he called out from the living room. ‘On my way,’ I answered and dropped two pills in the bottle.


I met him focused on the news on CNN, I shook the bottle well, and poured him a generous drink. He didn’t look my way once, and why should he, I am his daughter and he is a good father, too good, I wanted to make him my lover. I left the sitting room, feigning tiredness.


‘I’ll see you in the morning,’ he said sweetly. If only he knew, he would not touch the drink. But he didn’t, and whilst on the stairs I watched him carry the glass and empty its content into his mouth, bingo!


I went into my room, and showered lazily. Earlier in the day, I had picked out the perfect lingerie and panties. Victoria’s secret is not hidden walai, the lacy pant revealed almost everything, and the lingerie, let’s just say very few men would have the power to resist.


I looked at my wall clock, twenty minutes had passed since he took the first gulp, it normally took five minutes for the pills to take effect on my school mates, but I realised that my father and they did not have the same metabolism as them, hence the time wasting. I started out of my room. This was the tricky part.


He was having trouble sitting still; something was not right with him I reckoned as I climbed down the stairs. I went into the kitchen not minding him and I took out a glass. I counted to ten, exhaled deeply and dropped the glass. Its report jolted dad and he was in the kitchen within seconds.


Y’all know that kitchens have bright lights I hope? You didn’t, well, kpele.


‘What happened here…’ his voice trailed off as he looked upon his stark naked daughter,


He could not tear his gaze away from my boobs, then slowly, his eyes began to stray, he saw everything, Victoria’s secret ba? I laugh.


The drug had taken effect; daddy was looking at me like no father should ever look at his daughter. He slowly walked into the kitchen, put his arm around me and led me away from the broken glass.


His hands failed to stay on my shoulders as it dropped off. For a second, I was afraid he was onto me, then, his hand landed on my waist. Ah! What was that song title again? Your waist? Oh well…


‘I’m sorry sir I’ll clean…’ I turn around apologetic, my innocent face activated. Daddy would have none of it, it was too much, he grabbed me and carried me to the sofa. I didn’t realise my father was that strong, he threw me down and there, under the influence of my drugs and with my permission, my father desecrated me.


That night, I learned two hard lessons, one: daddy was an insatiable lover – I understood where I got my mojo from – and two, he was a fiercely loyal husband who hadn’t cheated on his wife prior to me. How did I know?


After almost two hours and the effects of the drug waning, his brain began to assert itself and he looked me in the eye and said to me: ‘Tinuke grab the wine, let’s make a toast before sleeping.’


It made sense then, all the while he asked mum to raise her glass and toast something. My parents had a strong bond, and I had just weakened it. I left him there in the living room and went to my room weeping. I felt like a cheap whore that I was, and decided that having stoked the fire, I could sleep with the warmth it gave. It was a delusion of grandeur, and some dark gods were having a laugh at my expense.


6 thoughts on “Moradeke #2

  1. *long sigh* I actually feel sorry for them both. Will her dad remember the incident when he wakes up? If he does we then have a shattered family, don’t we? Unless both of them choose the (in my opinion) wiser path of not telling anyone.

    • Spoiler much, thank God for twists sha. With one comment, you want to end this journey *sigh* we’ll be together till Sunday hehe.

      About the father, the question gets answered… tomorrow :p

  2. No amount of alcohol will make him forget such an act with his own daughter. †ђξ shame, disgrace and more is enough for him to go mad, leave home and for some commit suicide. Twisted story line derin ku ishe oh

    • I reckon that ‘ku ishe oh’ line is a compliment, so I’ll take it gracefully.

      About the father committing suicide, well, we’ll see, saga continues, be here tomao 😉

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