No matter what, never make life changing decisions when you are reeling. Yes, I know I didn’t follow my advice by doing the exact opposite and asking Tina home, but what was I to do? I was ready to let her go, even pay for her cab then tsunami Tolu happened and I got angry. It was a mistake taking Tina home, oh, but what blissful mistake. Not to brag or anything, we spent the entire weekend frolicking in my apartment, she was a good sport. When I drove her home Sunday evening, I made a bigger mistake, I asked her for a repeat performance. She looked at me queerly and sashayed away. I sat there in the car watching her go, hot all over.


Thank God for BBM and cheap call rates, Tina and I exchanged messages and calls, and by Wednesday, I knew she was coming for a repeat. I prepared for her, work was a delight and my colleague – Jane – who I honestly believe to be a witch, noticed that I was in a spunky mood. All my assignments were completed on time and I couldn’t wait for Friday. Yes, Tina was that good.


Friday came and was somewhat slow. I didn’t really have much to do at the office so I killed time and waited, 5pm was just a few hours away I reckoned. In the meantime, Tina and I were exchanging messages that shouldn’t be printed anywhere. I was sure she was as hungry as I was and we both knew that home was where we would get fed. I longed for the closing hours whilst she moaned about having to wait at all, it was that crazy, and the time was a quarter past four. Then my boss called for me and I told her I’d be a while. I went into his office wondering what the old man had to say. Sometimes, Mr Eugene – that’s his name – called you into his office just to talk. I hoped that would not be the case. It was not. I entered into his office, and noticed two delectable hotties seated and having a chat with him.


‘Ah, Akin,’ he called smiling, ‘meet Sonia and Trisha.’ He was still smiling which made me defensive. My boss is not always a happy man, so whenever he is happy, it was best not to get close to him. Many have been sucked into that vortex and paid dearly. So I sat when he invited me to seat, wary of him, and also mindful of the time; he continued.


‘Sonia here is looking to invest some money, she asked for my best account manager and voila, here you are…’ the smile had toned down a bit now. ‘She’s a friend, so treat her nicely.’ He got up,’ I have to see the HR Manager before he leaves, please; feel free to discuss business here.’ He was out of the office before I could utter a word.


I guessed I had caught a bad break, there was no way Mr Eugene would recommend me as his best when there was witch – Jane – and Biyi who was the true star of the department. I was the third in line largely due to my playfulness, and there was that time I was monumentally depressed after Imole’s episode. I lost a very valuable account then, and only retained my job with the skin of my teeth. It was that bad, now this man was setting me up again, I thought.


I smiled and turned to give the ladies my full attention, ‘so, what are you looking to invest in and like how much are we looking at?’ I had turned on my business charm.


Trisha laughed, it was a melodious tune to my ears and I almost joined her, I caught myself and smiled, waiting for her to share what was amusing her. She did not.


Sonia sat still studying me, ‘are you sure you have enough experience to do this? Because get this straight, if you lose a kobo, you’ll repay it. I’m investing to make money, not lose it okay?’


I sat still duly rebuked. Sonia had reminded me I was in a business meeting and should not be flirting with her friend. Eventually, I nodded, ‘I have more than enough experience ma’m, I have been doing this for…’


‘Call me Sonia.’ She cut my speech short.


‘Sonia,’ I started…


She was on her feet, ‘Trisha here will look through your previous proposals, I expect you still have some, she will bring me a report once done.’ She left the office too.


And there was just Trisha and I.


We both waited, neither wanted to jump the gun and be the first to talk. After waiting a while, I had to talk. ‘Can we go back to my workstation, there, I’ll show you proposals for various investments. You can decide on what sector you want to be a part of.’


She smiled still, ‘after you.’


I led her to my station and pulled out proposals from my drawer, she read through four proposals, she nodded, I found I couldn’t read her then, she was suddenly professional. Suddenly I realized that she may be a lawyer or a damn good secretary. I waited for her submission.


When she was done, she handed back the proposals. ‘Sonia will be in touch, don’t worry, she has your number.’ The smile was back, ‘are you free Sunday evening? If yes, you may come for a gathering we are having.’ She handed me a card and stalked off, swinging her hips. I resisted the urge to whistle.


Suddenly, I remembered Tina and our weekend. I checked the time, 6.30pm chei! That Trisha babe had taken her time to go through the proposals, what was more, Tina had called four times. Four! I called her back. ‘Hey babes, I’m so sorry…’ I started when she answered the phone.


‘You kept me waiting, why didn’t you just say you are no longer interested?’ She sounded hurt.


‘It was work dear, serious, the client just left. Are you still there?’


‘I was about leaving when your call came through. Are you on your way now?’


‘Yes dear, I’m about entering the car now and coming to pick you,’ I lied.


‘Be here by 7pm tops,’ she clicked off the phone.


I stood there wondering what I was supposed to do with myself. After a minute of searching and getting nothing, I switched off my computer and left the office building. I had a 7pm deadline to meet.


The story ended well, I met Tina at the gate, we went home together, after initial resistance from her. She came loaded and I had a back breaking experience with her. She left in the afternoon on Sunday giving me ample time to prepare for the meet with Sonia and Trisha. Somehow, I knew getting the account hinged on my attendance. So I dressed the part and drove out at seven pm. I just had to show my face and go back home.


On getting to the venue, I realized it was an exclusive club. That made we a bit wary, I had heard different stories, none of them good. I found Trisha ushering people into the club, my heart stopped literally when I saw her. She was almost naked clad in the tight fitting clothes that girls wear, her shorts, I think they call it bum shorts is the only clothing I could name. She saw me and smiled. We hugged and she freely gave herself. In that moment, with Trisha and I locked in warm embrace, every memory of Tina was wiped away, and I knew that I was home…


15 thoughts on “BUSINESS PLAN #3

  1. Daireen, you killed this story. Very creative and interesting. Your best I have read. I was just giggling and laughing. Add to that being amazed at how well you strung words together.

    However, there are some small issues:

    “Then my BOSS called for me and I told HER I’d be a while. I went into HIS office wondering what the old man had to say. Sometimes, Mr Eugene – that’s his name – called you into his office just to talk. I hoped that would not be the case. “Some confusion here. Is HER not supposed to be HIM?

    Well done man. Really enjoyed this.

    • The said HER would be Tina whom he was chatting with via BBM sorry for the ambiguity I’ll watch out for ’em in subsequent posts. Glad you liked it.

      Let’s see if my other Critiques feel the same way. You guys are helping me become more – more than just an ordinary writer, thanks.

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