Er, how to do this really… I have been the recipient of many awards on wordpress, I just have a really bad way of accepting them. Hence my reticence about the awards, but this one I find I have to gracefully accept so I’ll do it this way: if you saw the recaps of the Oscars or actually saw the awards live, you would have seen Ben Affleck’s really passionate speech. Yea, I thought the dude was going to punch someone. That aside, I hate long speeches. So, why give one? Remember the cardinal rule, do unto others…

Okay, since I’m accepting this in good grace, I have to oblige and obey the rules 😦 :

First rule is, I gotta thank the person who nominated me, well, y’all can follow @Ovunderkind on twitter, dude also blogs here: visit and have loads of laughs as his uncanny mind confuses you and twists the world as you know it on its head :). By the way dude, you rock, and when the bear bear actually comes, you’ll long for these days. :d

Wait first, the second rule requires that I say eleven random things about me? Seriously, eleven? Like I no get work abi, why not two or three oo? Who be the genius wey choose eleven, and why? I want to know. Grudgingly though, here goes nothing:

1: I’m a brood.

2: I am a sarcastic person.

3: I enjoy seeing movies, can see movies till the world ends.

4: I am male, (it’s also a fact fa, bite me)

5: I really am not finding this funny (sigh)

6: I love Indian Movies, especially the songs. My playlist is filled with them.

7 I am single but not searching, still, if you feel like; apply, I may just consider you.

8: I am sapiosexual which is not cool, I don’t know any really fine girl that’s brilliant 😥

9: It’s all about the lepas.

10: I’m big on gisting causing my pals to think I’m a talkative, I’m not 😐

11: I love fast cars

Smiles, now that that’s done what’s next… argh! I have to answer his questions *tears* won’t this thing end ni? Oya, ask the questions:

1: Would you consider yourself as secretly psychotic?

Er, psychotic as in kill people? Only if I get to be as rich as Elliot Carver in ‘tomorrow never dies’ then I’d go to a remote island and enjoy my money. I like the phrase ‘reclusive billionaire’ :d

2: If empires are ruled by emperors and kingdoms are ruled by kings, do you think countries are ruled by cunts? Cite an example

I disagree with you. Countries should be ruled by Counts, a cunt is a specific body part that breeds certain imaginations. A Count on the other hand is a man of nobility. I prefer that.

3: Are you comfortable with your current sex/gender? Why?

I don’t have any qualms with my gender thank you. I thank God every day.

4: Have you ever smoked?

If ‘lighting’ the cigarette counts…

5: Have you ever had a crush on a celebrity? Which celebrity was that?

Yup! Used to crush on Stella Damasus way back. I don grow now and I’d rather chase Mulika that knows my name than kill myself over Kelly Rowland K.

6: What is the most spectacular book you’ve ever read, and who was the author.

The Lost Symbol’ by Dan Brown that book almost made me an atheist oo. His previous works are no less spectacular except ‘Digital Fortress’ of course.

7: Can you beat the sh#t out of kids you aren’t related to?

I am a strict disciplinarian and if they happen to draw my ire… well, their parents will shout noni :d

8: What were you doing before reading this blog post?

Working. Na office I dey like this sef… smh

9: What do you think of the concept/institution of marriage?

It was ordained by God for companionship, procreation and other things. If you have a p with marriage, take it to the Lord >:o

10: Do you believe in gender equality?

Quoting George Orwell, ‘All Animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than the others…’ my opinion is equality among same sex is skewed enough, why extend it to the other gender and cause problems all around? Let all man know their place shikena.

11: Are you a narcissist? Give reasons for your answer.

Yes! Ask Tope Osinubi, I think she is the only one that will give fewer embarrassing reasons.

And it’s finally over! Dancing. I hope I get monetary value for this award oo! Dude, hafa? No dey talk say na informal award oo. This took some time…



  1. Just saw this and I have a burning kweshun: why wasn’t I notified, sir? Lol. You did good with the questions, boss. The “count” part was epic…

    I don’t think I look forward to beards again tho’

    Cheers. And hey, Zeenike!

    • Hehehe! Caught! Shey u read the part where I said I do not like giving speeches… *sighs* omo, that thing took time to write and I didn’t want to subject others to the pain. Besides, my own kinda ques, dem nor fit answer lai lai! =))

      So, I’m sorry for not notifying you. And it’s a tipa tipa thing, u must go bearded.

      Lastly, don’t be hailing sisi when talking to me. I will kill you :p

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