The Frailty Of It All

She checked herself for the umpteenth time in the mirror; everything was perfect, her curves appeared just right. It was a young evening and she felt like running free. She started out finally satisfied with her appearance. She had been at it for almost an hour; now, she was on her way, her prince charming didn’t have to wait much longer.

She got in her car and drove off to the rendezvous point, the eatery sat lit in glorious majesty amidst the surrounding buildings, it was a sight for sore eyes, she smiled as she spied the seats and saw him there fuzzing over his wristwatch, fiddling with his phone.

They had an agreement, if she wasn’t an hour late, he was not supposed to call her, she probably was stuck in traffic somewhere. If contact needed to be made, she would initiate it, since she would be the one needing help or otherwise. He fuzzed, she smiled and switched off the ignition and got out the car. She looked at him as she smoothened her dress and smiled, there was something about him – Charles.

She crossed the first part of the road having parked across the road from the eatery. She stepped onto the road to get to the eatery’s gates but that was not to be.

Two cars shot out of the bend running like they were been chased by the devil himself, obviously, they were in a race she saw them out of the corner of her eyes; she tried running but was hampered by two things. Her skirt was tightly woven at her knee leaving little space for her to run, two she was wearing heels.

She hastened her steps but the drivers didn’t relent, she was hit at the waist just as she was about to clear the road. The speed of the car threw her away and she floated for a few seconds. When she hit the tarmac, she rolled severally before stopping. She tried raising her head, maybe stand. She was sore all over.

People had started gathering as the security personnel called the ambulance and police station. Charles also came out, he had heard that a lady had been hit by a car; scared, he rushed to verify it wasn’t her. His sweetheart – Chidinma, he was going to propose that evening. As he pushed his way to the front, he kept praying it would not be her. When he got to the front, he was stunned; she lay there in a pool of blood fighting to keep her life.

She saw him come through the crowd, her knight in shining armor. She hoped she was well dressed for him, she hoped she would ride on his horse into the sunset. She smiled, Charles, she had looked pretty for him, and he was looking at her now in a queer kind of way. Suddenly, she felt sleepy, her eyelids would no longer focus, her breathing became labored. Her eyes were closed before she breathed her last…

Life is fleeting

PS: In Memory of Erad’s elder brother who passed yesterday, I pray death be far from us all…

PPS: For all the road accident victims… this is not even enough…


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