Come Take A Walk With Me

Er, seven days in and I admit, I can’t wait for val’s day. I have an article for the last day, but for the days in between, writing a fresh thought daily when I am restricted from writing action themed stories has been tough. Okay let’s see if like yesterday, today’s can also be spectacular:

He sat on the sands watching the ocean waves as they undulated and receded, he sat still at peace with all that was around him, he could not be bothered one bit about what was happening behind him. He closed his eyes opened his nostrils and took in the fresh evening breeze from the ocean into his lungs: he didn’t exhale until he was running out of oxygen.

He sat there every day; he walked to the same spot, sat at the same place and watched as the sun set and the sea waves beat. It was a scenic sight to behold.

She had been watching him for days, had taken an active interest in him, the loner. He sat watched the sun set and then he would run into the water and swim away. She thought he had a death wish, she thought he wanted to kill himself, but the next day without fail, at 5:30pm, he would slowly walk to his spot make a fuzz to determine it was his space then sit. She always smiled at his idiocy and like that, she was drawn to him. To his person.

Ah that guy?” Her manager asked, “stay away. Your life is a lot beautiful as it is. But if do go to him, it’s on you.” That should have put her off, instead, it piqued her imagination; she wanted to meet him. So she made up her mind she would meet him the next day.

On the said day, she became edgy as she the hours drew close and she kept spying her wristwatch. Eventually she saw him walking down the same path, perform the same ritual, then sit to watch the sun. She worked for another twenty minutes before abandoning her duty post. She started off on the sands to where he sat. When she was about a minute away, a man she had not noticed earlier stopped her.

“Where are you going young lady?” He seemed amiable, yet stern. An odd mix.

“To talk to that man over there, I’ve wanted to for days…” She explained and proceeded.

His outstretched hand stopped her. “Why do you want to talk to him? Seeing as he’s a man who loves his quiet?”

“I think he’s a man who’s in a lot of pain and has a lot to think about. I just want to sit with him and see; maybe after a while he will break his pattern.” She looked squarely at the intrusive man in the face.

“He’s all yours.” The man moved away and let her continue her walk. His walkie talkie cackled immediately “Ropo, why let the girl through?”

“Because I realize he needs fresh contact, besides, she’s a sucker and she thinks she can play mother Theresa.” He replied.

“So you told her about the health condition?”

“I wish I could, but she seemed too insistent. So telling her he is autistic and may not remember her sixty seconds later seemed like a harsh thing to do…” He turned to see the lady bend and talk to Jaiye as he sat there lost in his own world.

“Hi, my name is Mary,” she introduced herself as she bent beside him.

He looked at her, studying her features as if he really could see her. Then he blinked and looked away. Her existence no longer mattered.

She turned round and faced him again, “Hi, my name’s Mary…” she let her voice trail off

His response was same as before. He turned away again.

Determined, She turned round and stood in front of him the third time. “Mary!”

He shivered and looked at her, then the inexplicable happened, he actually saw her, and called her name, “Mary.”

She smiled. “Good, why don’t we take a walk down the beach…”

He stood, dusted his pants and wore his slippers then he took her outstretched hand.


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