Argh! Getting Blocked?

I’ve tried all day to cook up a story, rather than have valentine themed stories, I’m either getting stories that touch, the kind you don’t want to read about or war stories, :d I’m a man of action. Finally I’ve decided to go the poetic way, see if I can write something that’ll make sense…

I sit and watch the sun go down
A glorious wonderful feeling
I watch as light merges with darkness
And darkness soon consumes all. I watch.

I sit there replaying the memories
Of laughter and smiles and promises made
Reminisces of days I walked gaily
Now I am but withered, halt. A fleeting memory.

I watch as time passes
Wondering where it all goes, when I’ll see him again, my beloved
It comes back one last time
The rosy afternoon his knees bowed. It played again.

He’s smiling as usual, never a worry
He accosts me a rose bouquet his arsenal
His knees he bowed on the road, and there said: marry me?
It was a glorious thirty-five years and now a decade later
I long for one last moment in the sun
A bouquet of chrysanthemums and strong arms to lift me
I will to live again if just for tonight, then I’ll gladly embrace my beloved.


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