The Last Valentine…

Mrs Ejiro Omonode had made plans. At work that day, she made calls, finalized deals and was convinced she had done everything she needed to do. She closed early, placed a call to her dear hubby, he didn’t answer so she left him a voicemail: ‘get home early today dear.’ The underlying tone was that Ejiro had needs and not having done it in over a week, she was very tender and since it was Valentine…

She collected the packages on her way home and redecorated the entire sitting room; the bedroom was a different affair. Candles lit, rose petals, and wild-flowers scents filling the room. It was back breaking work but working assiduously Ejiro completed the task in under an hour and half.

Everything was ready; she went into the bathroom and took a lazy bath. She was there till 7pm having slept off in the bath when she was rudely awakened by the bell. She splashed water on the floor as she made to rise out of the bath instantly, she grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her then she got her gown and threw it on.

‘Who is it?’ She demanded.

‘Ejiro, it’s Roseline, open the door.’

Ejiro unlocked the door and admitted her friend. She locked the door and eyed her friend warily, ‘what is the problem?’ She didn’t want her busybody friend disrupting all the work she had done. She had shipped the kids to her sister’s the house was going to be for two people and it would be like they were single again, she had the energy to last the night.

Roseline ignored her friend’s sarcasm and walked into the sitting room and sat down moving her head along to the slow jazz that was playing on the sound system. She took off her shoes and laid on the sofa. ‘Get dressed, we are going out.’

Ejiro was scandalized, ‘we are going out! Like me and you, right now?’

Roseline adjusted herself well on the sofa, ‘yup. Get dressed.’

Ejiro sighed and she started for the room. ‘You might wanna wear a smart jeans and top,’ Roseline said as Ejiro left.

Ejiro reappeared minutes later, how do I look? She was wearing a pair of jeans, a round neck shirt and a pair of loafers to go.

Roseline got up, wore her shoes and walked ahead of Ejiro. ‘This had better be worth it, otherwise, I will kill you, right after dis-friending you.’ Ejiro sounded her warning.

Roseline smiled and said nothing.

They took Ejiro’s car and Roseline gave the directions. They got to their destination forty minutes later. ‘Stop here,’ Roseline finally said.

Ejiro had silently obeyed all the instructions given her whilst she seethed inside waiting for a chance to pounce on her friend. ‘So, this is it? You brought me where exactly?’

Roseline smile, ‘patience love, it’ll come to you. Just enjoy the scenery.’

Ejiro didn’t feel like enjoying anything, but then her eyes started acclimatizing and she saw it was a couple’s cruise dinner date as she began to look, Roseline waved her hand over a general area and reclined her seat. Ejiro followed the hand and looked at first she almost missed it but she stopped to look again and there he was smiling amiably, sipping slowly from his glass of wine and touching the lady that sat opposite him.

Everything that she knew, everything she believed, all of her being took a massive shaking and when everything settled and her gaze refocused, she had murderous rage on her face.

Roseline roused then, ‘what are you going to do now?’

She gave her friend an icy stare, ‘how long have you known about this?’

‘About a year, I’ve tried telling you severally, but you always shut me down claiming you have the best husband in the world. And seeing as I’m single I had to tread gently, I knew what you’ve gone through to set up that farce at home and the person you want to kill yourself for…’ she let her words hang.

Ejiro sat there for a full ten minutes, thinking watching the man she had devoted the last seven years of her life touch a strange woman, smile amiably with her and speak in those hushed tones that used to get her all sensitive way back.

She sat there and thought, was it her fault? Did she drive him out? At thirty six and with three kids, she was still desirable, she was the same woman he married, so why was he sitting there trying to score another lady when he had a willing a regular mate at home. She got out of the car.

Roseline got out too, ‘I’ll stay by the car, make sure it’s not stolen.’

Ejiro didn’t hear, she was on a mission, and answers were going to be given. She climbed the boat and made her way to her husband’s table when she got there; he had his hand on the table. Without thinking, she grabbed the table knife and stabbed his hand on the table. Her husband screamed but his voice was lost on everybody. She smiled, ‘Hello Tamuno, is this why you’ve been too busy to answer my calls?’

The date knew immediately that she was in a quandary. The wife had caught her on a tryst with her husband. She watched as Tamuno’s voice finally came back and he whimpered staring at his wife pleading.

Answer me now? I’ve been calling you all day, you’ve been very busy, and now when I have wasted time and effort to put together a perfect valentine at home, you are here speaking those wonderful words of yours and getting her all mushy. Have you even stopped to think about when we last did it? It’s been almost ten days. Ten days! And you have been getting your active dose. Unfair.’

Her shout was drowning his cries. Tamuno stared at his right hand stabbed to the table and knew he probably may never use the hand again. Tears streamed down his face, the player’s one and only functional rule was ‘never get caught’ and he had been.

Ejiro looked at her husband in tears and felt moved. In a swift move, she removed the knife, Tamuno almost passed out. He screamed and slumped in his chair. Ejiro then focused her attention on the date smiling, her hand went up in a swift movement and when it came down, the lady had a film of red covering her left cheek.

‘A valentine gift to remember,’ she smiled. ‘You’ll know to leave married men alone.’

The lady was in tears, writhing in pain as her face had been disfigured.

Tamuno had regained some of his strength then; ‘I’m sorry’ he managed as he stood on his feet blocking his wife’s exit. He had taken the most exclusive table and there was going to be no disturbance unless he pushed a button for the waiters. ‘Please Forgive me.’

She pushed him aside and continued walking away from the table and the love boat. The knife still in her hands, she was in tears when she got to Roseline.


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