Nigeria Again

With their backs against a wall, they fought; when nobody gave them a chance they clawed their path; with hope fleeting, they gave chase and caught up and made their destiny, writing their names in the history books. Against all odds, they conquered the giants; the boys felled the men.

Yesterday’s match still plays like a comedy show in my head. You know all those football clips where you see bizarre goals been scored and can’t help but laugh, that’s how Ivory Coast vs Nigeria AFCON 2013 makes me feel. A comedy of errors.

The first goal that Emenike scored, not to begrudge him or anything, but that kinda goal only enters the net when former Arsenal goal keeper Manuel Almunia was between the sticks. And since Arsene Wenger had the good sense to excise Alumi, I haven’t seen that kind of goal in a very long while…

Sunday Mba’s goal was pure beauty to behold I mean, it’s been a while that a Nigerian scored that kind of goal in a competitive match for Naija. If it has happened recently, please correct my error and cite the match. Anyways, Mba’s run, his composure and consequent goal gave Nigerians something to cheer. The last ten minutes of the game was nail biting, I had friends scabashing and seriously joining their faiths together to help Nigeria win.

In the end it was Nigeria, Ivory Coast had lost, and so had a lot of us pundits who felt Ivory Coast would make mince meat of the Eagles. Congratulations Nigeria, here’s a caveat, don’t get complacent in your next game against Mali. Play to reach the finals and hopefully win the trophy. Your names will be written in gold, and would go down in history…

In case you think I have softened and I’m supporting the Eagles, here’s a sound reminder: I AM NOT A FAN. But they have exceeded all my expectations of them, so I expect them to surprise themselves and win this thing. Wouldn’t that be something?

PS: Whether the twitter account is real or fake, Eboue calling out Nigeria (like the biblical goliath harassing the Israelites until David happened and he lost his head) must have irked not just us mere mortal Nigerians but also the powers that be, ultimately God. I think that’s why we won, he never distanced himself from the tweets till very late, and now they’ve been beat, he’ll go back to Europe and lick his wounds.

PPS: Never underestimate anyone; you don’t know what potential they carry.



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