‘Who took my white gold set?’ Jadesola screamed and the house shook. She was frantically searching her jewelry box for the set, but couldn’t find it. She had emptied out the box, and meticulously rearranged the jewelry back in it – thrice – before she sounded her alarm.

She screamed again, ‘who took my white gold necklace and earrings?’ She was furious now as she got up and started to go into the house. Nobody would know a little peace till she found it.

As she stepped out of her room, it was Maria – the house-help – that she saw. ‘Come here!’ She barked. ‘Did you enter my room? Did you take my jewelry?’

The house-help was stunned for words; the one room in the house that she didn’t enter was Jadesola’s: now to be accused of entering the room and stealing jewelry, her eyes misted and her tears began to flow.

Jadesola observed her for a brief second, no. The girl was a mess; she couldn’t steal to better her life. So she stormed into Ife‘s room; everyone was guilty until proven innocent.

‘Ife where’s my white gold necklace and its accompanying earrings?’ She charged into her younger sister’s room before that one had any chance whatsoever to react.

The younger sister jumped as her sister banged the door closed behind her. She recovered momentarily. ‘If you cannot find your belongings, don’t come barging into my room acting all military and ish. Do you have proof that I took it no, instead of searching well for your jewelries…’

Jadesola was fit to be tied; her rage had descended to a new low. She was about to rush Ife and pound the truth out of her when suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

‘Jadesola, come out right this moment.’ It was their mother – Mrs Williams.

Her face masked into a dark scowl, ‘be very afraid, one of these days, I’ll get my way with you…’ She hissed and walked out of the room. Their mother was waiting outside the door for her.

‘To your room young lady,’ Mrs Williams pointed.

Oh, oh! Maybe she shouldn’t have shouted so much she suddenly repented as she walked to her room followed closely by her mom.

‘Why are you making so much noise all over the house and harassing everyone?’ Mrs Williams asked gently as she sits on the edge of her daughter’s bed, waiting for her to calm and talk to her.

‘Mom, Ife pilfered my jewelry again.’ I can’t find the new jewelry I just bought. It’s the final touch to my dress for my date tonight with Tokunboh, and now I can’t find it. She’s stolen it.’ There was hurt written all over her face. ‘I shouldn’t have shown her that necklace.’ A tear actually escaped her eyes.

‘Would you like to go through my chest and see maybe you’ll get one or two necklace(s) that you may like?’ Mrs Williams offered a solution.

Jadesola studied her mom well, nope, not a chance in hell the woman’s capable of stealing her jewelry, she had way better. What she was doing was bringing peace… she sighed.

‘I’ll make do with something else in my box. But believe me mom, Ife stole that necklace.’

Mrs Williams smiled, ‘don’t worry dear girl, there’s always a plan in everything. Have a little faith in mom.’ She patted Jadesola in a conspiratorial manner and walked out of the room.

Her room now locked, Ife had brought out the jewelry her sister had been making noise about. She wanted to impress Lekan with it then return it to her sister. But Jadesola wasn’t the sharing type, so she borrowed it, without her permission, and all hell had been let loose…


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