14 Day Rush…

Silence. That was the theme of this blog through January as I deigned to my body hoping and praying for complete healing. I rarely posted five articles in a thirty-one day window. All the time I tried to pen words I found that my body rejected or I fell asleep midway, my body’s way of saying ‘ogbeni, no write.’
Ergo, I want to do a fourteen day writing challenge. No, no, there’s no body anywhere organizing any competition, I just want to in the spirit of anniversary (I’ll be a year older on the 13th) and the valentine that seems to have clouded all the ladies eyes (stone me :p) do a fourteen day rant leading to the V-day, hopefully it’ll be rants that you find agreeable and cool. I’ll be writing one story/article a day.

The stories will be disjointed, so please, don’t expect any story to continue. If it leaves you hanging, e ma binu, maybe someday, I’ll just revisit the story and complete it, but I digress.

So I am a day late, that’s because like all strokes of genius I didn’t get the idea to do this until I read Seun Odukoya’s 14 Days on the 1st of February at almost 10pm. Though I don’t know if he’s doing a challenge thing, he likes to write weekly; I am writing a 14 day challenge.

Now, I realize one thing, I am a very poor publicist. I do not like hounding everybody on twitter and asking them to read my post. I do it sometimes, but I’d rather not, feel me? So here’s gonna be the game plan. I’ll harass all my followers to read daily :d should be fun eh?

Anyways, I’m rambling, nothing to say again today. Or maybe there is as I have to post another article today and hope the challenge gets off to a sparkly start.

Oya, wait, lemme goan write today’s article, I’ll be a minute. 😉


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