Finding Quiet To Write

Readers read. End of story, case closed abi? Right, but what will they read if there are no Writers, or better still, if most of the Writers are like me and cannot pause their lives for a snapshot that readers will interact with and love. Now you probably are wondering interact?

A Writer’s mind is worse than your packed market; voices talking, characters jumping up and down to be written; then there are the Cimmerian thoughts where you dig deep and come in contact dark characters. Miniature versions of your personality disorder that you will never admit to anyone out loud. Let me intimate you on a little secret, all Writers loco.

Ah, I’m rambling, sorry, it’s been days that I last put pen to paper so please indulge this blocked Writer (although I really don’t get blocked, I just find I’m inundated with activities). What I have been trying to say all morning is this, though I hate apologizing I know I have not really kept faith with the faithful of this blog. I would love to ascribe the blame to my sickness, but I know I have ridden the pity train too long, time to get off. So as usual, although I can in all honesty say that the job I do is making this blog suffer, still, I am not digging deep and gritting my teeth as I used to.

This is not a post with a world shattering discovery, I’ll start writing; no, it’s a post to me to remind me that I owe a duty to you dear readers, to write. Stories, articles, poems and the list is endless…

I’ll get to it. I’ll also require your help. Please do give me a well deserved kick in the butt when days pass and I do not post anything… I hope that for the remainder of January and the coming month (February which is my birth month by the way) we’ll be able to have loads of fun.

Promising to become a changed blogger…


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