A Song Of Tears

Here’s another post that has been sitting in the draft section of my phone for donkey years. I have a plan, purge all the drafts before 2013 and write new material. So please bear with me a lil, there’s quite a number of drafts in there, God forbid I lose my phone (again), or that the damn thing crashes. I go cry small. Enjoy…

Annually, this band plays
Yearly, we hear the same song
Of strides positive, being taken
Still little man wonders, wither the stride?

Daily, his song haunts
His words with accompaniments, moving
This musical score Grammys must win
Yet there are no awards for his efforts

Like a colossus his strides be giant
Bestriding, quieting his people
Unchallenged his music plays
And the retching sounds of pukes, disdain fill the air

He smiles we saddened are
His jokes on us squarely rest
We amuse him to no end
So he checks that we tow his line

Lies! That be what he sings
Falsehood, his lyrics
For all who play in his band be versed
In the art of ambiguity – speaking, without speaking

A better country awaits thee they claim
Work harder, we’re almost there
A land promised, an heritage achieved
His meaning is ’tis for him only

The land darkens
A foreboding haunting creepily stares
As questions are been unanswered and angst grows
A delude appears on the brink

He laughs at the orchestra of the little man
Their song mournful, irritating to his ears
Ha! No wonder they can’t band us he claims
For all they do is sing, A Song Of Tears…


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