So I entered this story for a short story competition. Don’t know what I was thinking, guess I used the story to unblock myself 🙂 yes, I’ve been severely blocked oo. Wonderful ideas but no words to describe. Maybe now, I’ll be able to write and share all those wonderful ideas I have with y’all. Take a few to check out the tori below, it may not be all that bad. I’ve learned that the stories I hate are the ones people like… so jump in… :d



The three friends stood at the crossroads, uncertain where life was taking them after such wonderful times together. They had just graduated from university and it was time to finally say goodbye. So they stood there, having come a long way, none was eager to be the first to leave. Their lives together had been perfect, one unbreakable bond. Now, life and time had conspired against them, and a huge chasm was about to replace their closely knit bond. They finally had to say ‘goodbye’.

Oladimeji Ayinde was the brightest of the trio, the nerd. He had come into school with just one focus – books. He didn’t realize his life would spiral uncontrollably out of order once he met his roommates. All through the first year, he studied, and they made his life hell. Eventually, he made a deal with them, he would go out once with them on a Friday night, and they would allow him be with his love – his books.

That outing changed his worldview. His tunnel vision was replaced with a big picture. He saw then, after months in the school, just what he had been missing. A separate world from the one he was used to. He enjoyed himself, so he asked if he could go the following week, and the week after that. Until he became one of them: a player, a fun seeker. He was however true to his main love, so he kept studying.

Adedamola Abdul was the effervescent member of the group. He was the one who talked the most, got the half baked inspirations that Dimeji always had to prune and fine-tune. The consummate ladies man, Damola had a smile to die for, he was not bad looking either, easily the most handsome of the three –not that the other two weren’t.

Damola had a grand plan going into school; date the hottest chicks and increase his rep, and the nerdy ones, to serve as his tutorial aids. His plan worked perfectly until the end of the second semester of their second year. Then all hell had been let loose. Every time he thought back on the incident, he always cursed Bunmi. Though it had been revealed that she actually saved him from the school authorities by causing such a huge distraction, Damola hated her because she felt the need to and could not resist the urge to be his saviour.

Christopher Urimi was the dreamer. A poet, lyricist and writer, he was always mumbling new rap tunes and rhyming. He came into school with his notepads churning out verses and rhymes. Most times he spaced out and no one could tell what planet he had been on. He was the shortest of the three, Dimeji and Damola stood above six feet, and he was just five foot seven inches tall. He readily agreed with Damola’s schemes forcing Dimeji’s hand. Christopher did not see himself as a student of civil engineering, which was what all three went to study. He prided himself as a student of life, and as such went wherever there was a gathering of people and observed human nature.

They were soon labelled the three. The nerd, the talkative and the philosopher. Their misadventures were like none witnessed in the Obafemi Awolowo Hall of the University of Nsukka. They stayed in the same room from their second year through to the end of their stay in school. Damola’s aunt knew some people who knew some people. The duo of Dimeji and Chris found that they couldn’t get better from him.

So they blazed through school, Damola chased all the girls still. After his Bunmi brouhaha, his rep had shot up and all the ladies wanted a crack at the said ‘heartbreaker’. Chris went to shows, developed his craft so well, he competed against the school’s best and won. Then came the fallout, he was asked to represent the school for which he had no desire. It took more than subtle threats to get him to compete in the poetry and spoken word competitions.

He came back a cult hero as he won the regional competition and refused to debate again. He cited that his academics was in jeopardy and the school authorities had to let him be. He failed his first course then, ENG 309, a course he truly loved. It took Damola’s aunt’s intervention and that someone she knew that knew someone to get Chris his real score. Incidentally, it was an A.

Dimeji was the bore of the lot, he studied all the time. Wrote their assignments whether or not asked, the others found it eerily annoying but could not dissuade him from the action. It was Dimeji’s contribution to a high-powered crew that the school soon discovered they could not go against. The three were untouchable, and they lived their lives that way.

Then their Industrial Training came and they got their first real separation. Dimeji opted to stay in school and help the lecturers. He reasoned that would give him the edge he needed to complete his thesis. He had been working on it from their first year, and had been ridiculed to no end for trying to replicate the American way.

Damola went to Lagos, interned with an oil company, he made a lot of money as an intern, and after six months away from school, he went back with a new Toyota Corolla. When asked, his answer, vague as always was that he bought it from the money he made from deals he brokered at whilst interning.

Christopher went to a construction firm, worked diligently and learned a lot of practical stuff. He found that he couldn’t really write as much as he would, still, whenever he could, it was like making out with the principal’s daughter in front of the principal’s house. Daring, but exhilarating, that was how he felt.

Six months passed and the trio were reunited. Dimeji had all but completed his thesis. Chris found that he did not make a wrong choice opting for Engineering when he could easily have chosen the Arts. Only Damola seemed unaffected by their long separation. He was not yet ready to deal with their imminent graduation.

The months of their final year went by, and the three worked harder than they had in previous years. Dimeji finally asked a girl out. Damola stopped being the bad guy and Chris designed an overhead bridge prototype. They were ready for life outside campus, or so they thought. Their finals came and went. Dimeji made a first class, nobody expected less. Chris had a 4.0gpa; he couldn’t stop grinning, like a fool. Damola brought up the rear; he managed to graduate with a 3.51gpa.

After the ceremony, their families wanted to leave, but realizing that they could not control the events of the next few years in their lives, they went back to their hostel and sat in their room. None said a word; they just sat there, each lost in his own thought. They were there for over an hour before the porter found them.

They left the building, walked towards the convocation ground and stood at the crossroads. None moved, none could a dark foreboding overcame them. Life was what they thought they had been enjoying all the while, whilst in school. Life, they had suddenly found was just about to start, and no one they knew could guarantee that they would be in the same city in the coming months.

They finally embraced, looked themselves in the eye and made a silent pact. No matter what life threw at them, they would stand firm, and persevere. Life would be subject to them, not the other way round. Nervous smiles broke out at first, and then they burst into uproarious laughter. They turned away then, each determined to take life by the horn and bring it to its knees. Little did they know, life is an irrepressible entity.


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