A Beautiful Mind

Lately I’ve been seeing the series ‘The Mentalist’ yeah, yeah, I know it’s so old, kids born in the year the serial started would have completed their primary education now, right? Maybe not. Okay so I kept seeing it and kept wondering. See, I have a beautiful mind. I know I do, yeah, I admit that I may not be on the same terrain Russel Crowe was in the movie I mean, his mental acuity and deductive reasoning, out of this world.

Actually I can’t remember the storyline of the movie which is a shame really. I know I had the movie in my hand several times, read the synopsis countless times and thought how beautiful it would be to win a Nobel prize in Mathematics. Er, I know, I have this friend who likes the phrase ‘delusions of grandeur’ for everything she couldn’t understand.

Well, so the film makers said the story is true, that the movie was inspired by the life of a Nobel prize winner. I know I ought to google his name now, information overload and all, this generation’s one of the most absent-minded ever. Ha! Back to my rambling before hating on my generation so much.

So I believe I have a beautiful mind. I excelled at Math… eventually, it was getting embarrassing that the girls understood quicker, faster and would not share knowledge whilst yours truly and his crew were well… boys. We were busy doing what boys do (if you guessed chasing all the skirts/jeans on campus, maybe you’re also a boy :)). Now some pips might be a tad offended by the jeans illustration, so lemme drop a quick caveat here: hot girls in Uni did not wear skirts, they had jeans. Think say na lie? Do a random sampling…

Argh! I need to stay on course and complete this discourse, what was I rambling about again? *thinks* ah yes! A beautiful mind. So as I was saying, I finally learned Math, Algebra and other abstract subjects and courses. I hated Physics though, still do. Damned course kept forming Prima Donna for me, so I neglected it; case solved.

Now all y’all scientific types be thinking damn, na lie: you can’t have Math without Physics. I agree, which was why, whenever it was presented as Mathematics, I aced Physics. But every time Physics strolled past, I hissed and raised my nose, and stood stoically. I guess I missed out on a wonderful relationship that could have been! (•̩̩̩̩͡_•̩̩̩̩͡)

Anyho, I’ve gone and done it again, rambled off discourse makes me wonder why this keeps happening to me. I mean, people should be able to think rationally in a straight forward manner. Not me, I see movies, playlets, a drama here, a serial there, all in my mind oo! So whilst my friends be crunching up numbers and memorizing differentials to the fourth order and beyond (I think that was Euler’s theorem, crazy man!), I was been amused by the characters in my head. Did I always get the answers, damned right! Some lecturers stingy though, so nothing a guy could do.

Which brings us back to my earlier assertion; I have a beautiful mind. Many philosophers today would scamper away from Math as though it was the plague. Back when, Galileo and his gang were both Philosophers and Mathematicians. They, had beautiful minds. The guy in the story – that is the movie also did (his real name was John Forbes Nash).

One common trait I’ve found in all these dudes (yes, there were no females back then, no wonder girls are not playing catch with us boys now, sigh!) was that they all were lunatics. Yes, certifiable, fit to be tied lunatics. I mean explain to me how someone would have an apple fall on him, get excited, and draw symbols. Only the symbols are damn esoteric in nature, they ain’t even pictures. And the man, today is celebrated the world over. (If you do not know who that is, google it :p)

Now, I guess the reader has deduced what I’ve not said/written. Well to debunk what you were not thinking, I do not have Schizophrenia or any other well named mental disease, sorry to disappoint you, but nope. :p. I’m more of a Walter Disney kinda guy, create fictitious characters that are alive and bright people see themselves, cause chaos so much, it begins to make sense, and I finally get to see the beauty in their rhythm.

Told yer, I have a beautiful mind, :d guess you thought it was rubbish, now you’re smiling a little and wondering who hates cartoons, like seriously? What you haven’t realized is that you also possess a beautiful mind. And here’s my submission, if you read through this article, saw pictures, stared off into space with a smile on your face, then went back to reading. If you know at least one or two stories I told and totally get it. If you could keep pace with the haphazardness of this rambling, then my friend, you’re a hero.

By the way, this is just a thought from the pits of boredom. They say the best works are created in isolation, I’m tired, can people start talking to me again? Oh no! Scratch that :d Wolverine doesn’t beg for friends, he goes where he wills, rocks the party and returns home… lonely. So do all the guys with beautiful minds, people are always in awe of them and so stay away. Oh well, I should end this, no glorious realisation I guess, sayonara!

PS: in the coming days, I should be writing about how the blog should work next year, share a coupla intriguing ideas I’ve been nestling with y’all and hopefully, when the ‘editors’ finally give their nod, release the e-book for download. Watch this space, things are heating up :d


10 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mind

  1. Lool. I admit I was gonna seek you out and kill you after the first two paragraphs but I caught onto the idea and it became funny. I guess it’s no coincidence Nash was nuts in the film.

    • Er, bros, ngwanu? Kill me for why na? See why I don’t write Op-Ed on politricks, I love me neck na! :d glad you liked it. It didn’t go as I’d hoped in my head, I was meant to write another stuff and use this material as intro. It took over the entire plot. U entering best short on NS?

      • I don’t think I will. I’m soooo busy these days and I write too carelessly. I’m not a technical writer at all. But anything can happen. I have one story I could finish and use. You? Rhetorical question

      • I think I will enter, don’t just have a story yet. Let’s see what happens, I know that I must have submitted by sunday evening, if I’m entering 🙂 we’ll see. 😉

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