Write Me A Love Song

Lying atop my bed, my head nestled
Cuddling my pillow, a warm embrace locked
My eyes dreamy, my body relaxed
She came to me
And whispered softly in my ears:











Write me a love song
Make my heart flutter;
String words together
Ignite this ember burning;
Compose for me a sonnet
Create an indescribable feeling;
Perform a ballad
That will bring us closer;
Cause memories to render;
Create a masterpiece
Let this moment last forever;
Ride on the waves of music
Make the beats pound as one
With my heart…




Write me a love song
For in your arms I want to simmer… eternally!




12 thoughts on “Write Me A Love Song

  1. That’s so wonderful. Looks like something dat cld elope from d comfort of my fingers. Thanks for sharing this bro. U don’t disappoint

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