Today I’m supposed to write a speech of gratitude to all the people who took time out to read the novel I churned out last month. This writ should has been posted yesterday, but the last episode of the novel was published then, so, I guess today’s a good day to say thank you.

To all the people who took out time from their busy schedules to read my work, and comment, whether on here, twitter or BBM and even the pips who sent DMs and lectured me on whatsapp, y’all know yourselves, I’m grateful. :d

Special shoutout to @dehorl and @bloody_voyeur I really should give ’em my blessing and step up to Deola’s dad on Roland’s behalf. They spiked the followership when all I could do was write. Yes, I dodged twitter *sigh* absconded from bbm and a month later, the novel’s complete.

I realise it got rushed at some point, that was because, like someone once opined, genius is 99% hard work and 1% inspiration. So I kept writing, whether or not I felt like it. Some chapters I was excited about writing, others, well… Let’s just say the guy that said easy reading, is damn hard writing was talking from experience.

Not to bore you or anything, if you missed the posts, don’t fret, just visit my home page, search archives for November 2012 and lose yourself… by the way, the complete novel, edited, well arranged and totally upgraded should be available for downloads by the end of the year. Yes, my editors picking the story apart as I type this. I hope they will give it a nod on completion.

I am eternally grateful to all of you once again for putting up with my antics. Thanks for being good people. idoff!


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