Three months later

The bells were ringing in the cathedral; the church was packed within and out. Cars sprawled all over as opulence was the order of the day. Any passer-by would wonder at the calibre of the person, or people getting married in the church that Saturday.

From the wedding designs, the balloon decorations and even the lighting, the cathedral stood majestic on the landscape. It invited all to come.

In attendance were ministers and politicians. Men of note and standing in the country, President Anozie even had presence in the cathedral. He sent one of his special advisers.

There had been a cabinet reshuffle, most of the old hands had been sacked and new ones employed. The vice President was the biggest casualty, as he was also let go. To the nation though, the man left office due to health concerns. It was all a lie.

The president had magnanimously forgiven Dare. Although that evening at the Ocean View, he was arrested, he never got arraigned. He was offered the kind of deal he wouldn’t have touched with a pole months before. Work for the government in the intelligence community by developing softwares and products that operatives could use in the course of their work.

It turned out Damilola was a spy, though low-level, and not really a field agent, she was allowed a free rein to deal with the media and understand the kinds of stories they were writing about the government. That way, the agency had an in with media informants and also could get stories as they unfolded.

Dare found he couldn’t forgive her, he had tried severally, and the betrayal was just too much for him to bear. He had learned that he was the only one left out of the loop, as all the members of her family knew she was alive. No wonder they lied that she has been blown to bits.

He took the job grudgingly. The flip was jail time, and he didn’t even consider that. He had already lost his lucrative job at the IT consulting firm where he worked. The job offer was a sort of lifeline for him. He would never get to work with Damilola. The DG agreed and a deal was struck, he was in.

Colonel Bala was regally dressed in his boubou and agbada. He was beaming with smiles as he entered the room. ‘So my dear boy becomes a man eventually.’

Efe Charles turned and saluted. He stood erect showing off his bowtie and perfectly tailored suit. Beside him, Tunde smart was busy knotting his tie, he did not even acknowledge the presence of his boss.

Colonel Bala coughed. ‘Tunde you have to talk to me, we can’t stay enemies forever you know.’

Tunde turned round, ‘I realise that we can’t. But, you have to understand where I’m coming from and also understand that when I say I’m done, I am.’ He turned round and faced the DG squarely.

‘So you’ll just quit? Leave it all behind?’ The Colonel acted flabbergasted.

‘Yes.’ Tunde replied. ‘I walked away after killing Ismaila,’ he had walk to the ocean and tossed his service gun in the ocean, he recalled. Amazingly, Ismaila had turned out to be Jango, Dare’s friend. The whole process of vetting Dare had convinced him he was done.

He went home to her, and though she nagged him for not treating her right, for leaving without any message to his family, tunde found he couldn’t be irritated by her. He saw then that he had grown to understand that her nagging was her love. The way she expressed her insecurities and hoped he would solve them. Be her man.

He proposed to her then, thinking after two kids she would jump and be ecstatic. She left him kneeling as she hissed and stalked into her room. He had to woo her for weeks before she agreed and now, he was about starting the greatest mission any man could attempt. He was going to play the role of husband to Yewa, whom he was marrying that day: and a father to his kids.

He turned to Charles, ‘let’s go.’ And Charles started moving out. He followed until he was standing directly in front of Colonel Bala. ‘I quit your mission to accept a bigger and better mission. Now my code name will be ‘husband’.’ He explained to his boss as he started on his way. Though his time with the agency had ended, his mission was just beginning.



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