Damilola was shell shocked at the sight before her as she stepped into the bar. It was as though she had stepped into sin city. She was overdressed she found, even with just her panties and bra, she was overdressed. A wave of depression descended on her. There was no way she would strip bare for a story. No way.

She started backing out the door, stealthily but steadily moving out the door. She hadn’t gone two feet when a man with just his boxers’ shorts on slapped her arse. Rage coursed through her as she shot him an icy stare. She saw it immediately; he was stoned out of his senses and would grab anybody then.

Damn, I should have stuck with medicine she thought. At least I’ll be dignified. She sidestepped the man turning around, she made to leave the place. Good money wasted she thought, sulking as she went. It happened then.

The man buoyed by his earlier success, grabbed her from behind. He didn’t miss as his hands rested squarely on her perfect breasts. He pulled her back to him and caught unawares, she was sucked backwards. She felt his hardness against her buttocks as he squeezed her breasts hard.

She struggled free from him, spurn round and lashed out. The slap landed perfectly across his face, unsatisfied, she knead him in the groin. He crouched in pain, bent over and grabbed his balls. She pushed him away, boiling with rage. Something had been activated in her when the man assaulted her, she came alive.

Damilola went into the club against her earlier decision to leave; she reasoned she had paid in full when the man grabbed her earlier. She moved closer to the girls dancing on the pole. To her utmost horror, at one side of the bar, in a darker place, an orgy was taking place. She would have missed it, but for the moans.

She tried hard to acclimatize to the room, it had different shades of darkness and even the lighted areas weren’t real light, it was with coloured luminescent. She took in the layout of the room. There was the bar, the poles, and area for sexual orgies, a place for private dances that could end in sex. She was repulsed at the horror she was experiencing, then her eyes roamed to a solitary figure sitting by himself at a table, drinking. She recognized him immediately.

She almost shouted ‘Tunde!’ as recognition dawned, what was he doing at such an unholy place seeing as he didn’t fit in with the crowd or did he? She watched in horror as he stood to embrace a naked man. Apparently the man was one of the people in the darker part of the room, and he was with Tunde. Her jaw dropped.

Tunde had seen her come in, made an excuse and switched tables. He was uncomfortably close to the sex addicts who were indulging their depravity in an orgy, still, he couldn’t afford to be seen by her. She had the potential to blow his cover, so he moved away from sight.

He watched as the man assaulted her, getting all worked up but restraining himself. He made a mental note to let the guy meet an unfortunate accident. Then she had reacted, slapped him then kicked his groin, he almost clapped. The music in the room had drowned the incident and so nobody noticed, except the cameras, of course.

He had thought she would leave then, he had stood to return to his seat, yet, in the most incomprehensible manner, she had decided to stay on. It took her two full minutes, but she had seen him. He was grateful for her discipline in not shouting his name. He had to get out of the place.

So when Mark showed up all sweaty and gratified, he had stood and hugged his pal. To both their chagrin, she just couldn’t see their facial expression.

‘What was that for,’ Mark asked.

‘I’m feeling a stirring in my loins,’ Tunde pointed between his legs. ‘Mind if I borrow your girl? She appears to be well versed.’

Mark regarded his friend for a while. Something was not quite right. Something was wrong. He had offered countless girls to Tunde in less than a week. His answer had always been a two-lettered word. No. So when Tunde asked for the girl, an alarm went off in his head, but he dismissed it hoping that Tunde was really horny, hence his request.

He slapped the girl’s bare buttocks as she walked past them. Took her wrist and said, ‘my friend here likes you, make him a happy man.’

Tunde could see the sadness in the girl’s eyes, but he couldn’t care about her troubles, he had his too. Right then, he needed to get out of the room and building as soon as possible. He pulled the naked girl close. ‘Show me heaven.’

She led him into one of the private rooms as Damilola watched in horror, she made to follow them, and confront him. She felt bad for having even crushed on him no matter how short the time. She had crushed on a pervert, she felt sad and suddenly, as the curtains parted, it happened.

She was already on her way to confronting Tunde, but as they opened the curtains, she got the shocker of her life. It was as though someone had punched her in the gut. She didn’t realise when the words left her mouth.

‘Daddy!’ It was all she said.

Tunde stopped, shocked. The atmosphere in the room changed immediately as quiet descended on the room.

‘Daddy!’ She repeated. This time, a lot quieter than she had at first. Her disbelief and horror could not be articulated.

The man looked up from the girl he was busy with, saw her and froze. No, she was not his daughter, more like his goddaughter. His daughter’s friend and ally, she calls him daddy because of his relationship with her father. Shame overwhelmed him.

Tunde sighed with relief. She has bigger fish to fry now he thought. Bigger fish, her father, the senator? He couldn’t believe her father was the senator and she had carried her luggage and flown economy. No way. He couldn’t believe it.

She turned round, blinded by her tears as she stumbled on her way out of the exclusive bar. She had wanted a story of a lifetime and had gotten it. Her tears flowed freely as she made her way out.

The stoned man was up and moving and had with him three men. He pointed at her and the men advanced towards her.

Tunde had watched as it happened, and as the girl was about closing the curtain, he shot out like a canon. He was late in arriving, the first man had slapped her heavily across the face sending her reeling backwards. Luckily, that was when he arrived. He caught her and steadied her on her feet, then he stood between Damilola and her assailants.

He didn’t seem as intimidating as them, no physical muscles or arm to aid him. They rushed him to detriment.

She didn’t quite see it, but she knew that one minute, three men were about attacking her and the next, they were all on the floor clutching different body parts. She sauntered by him. He was the reason she had made the stunning discovery, she was in no mood to be grateful to him. She walked past the stoned man who was too dazed to react.

Tunde found her dressing minutes later. ‘Go. Never come back here.’ It was a command. He turned and went back in, angry at himself for snapping at her, for the bad call with the prostitute. Again, he would have to pull out of an unholy union.


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