The Overhead Bridges, An Architectural Miss?

Why do Nigerian have a pathological fear/dislike for using the overheard bridges? Why can’t we as a people use the convenience provided for us by the government? Why do we instead opt to run across the express roads suffering loads of seismic heart seizures and endangering our lives?

On my way to see my mom, jejely oo, I was sitting in the BRT bus, writing and updating my word count. The bus was quiet, the driver drove sensibly unlike most BRT bus drivers I’d ridden their buses of late. So I sat there, writing peacefully, our bus had a smooth sailing to Obanikoro, and then it happened.

As the driver stopped to take new fares, the bus was immediately filled with noise and argument. A discourse that made me look up. On the road divider, a woman sat nursing her ankle. There were two men there talking with her. It was a sight reminiscent of a footballer getting injured on the pitch whilst medics attended to him.

Apparently, she had opted to cross instead of using the overhead bridge that was metres away. She slumped in the middle of the road and was lucky that cars were not close. The people who entered my bus haven seen the incident started a series of discussions that changed the atmosphere in the bus. The people analysed why the overhead bridges were a menace, I was shocked!

As our bus drew closer to Ojota, the discussion subsided, people dropped off the bus and forgot all about the woman. She had been a good example, a perfect reason for a discussion that burned in their hearts. They exercised their fundamental rights as Nigerians and commented on the social ills, blaming the government for making the bridges too high.

I pray the woman is okay. She couldn’t stand unaided as our bus pulled away from its stop causing all to believe with good reason that she may have fractured her ankle. I can but empathise with her, no more hustle today, instead, that incident would bore a hole in her savings. She could have used the bridge and spared herself that pain.

As I got off the bus and crossed the express, yes mesef cross ni oo, bite me. I couldn’t help but wonder, why do we really hate using bridges?


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