Dare had always wanted to be a rock star. His earliest memories and recurring thoughts were always about making the news, bestriding his country and the world like a colossus. He burned with the desire to become a known name and face, someone that the history books would document; kids would learn about. He had tall dreams and ambitions, soon, his desires and dreams would come to pass. He was about to create history.




It was a perfect day, the weather was just right. It had rained briefly that morning and the clouds had refused the sun its usual shine, blocking its rays and giving respite to the people to go about their businesses without the tyranny of the blazing sun. A gentle breeze blew and Lagosians could exult.


Damilare Atanda lay on his bed, staring at his bedroom ceiling. It was often said, that life flashes in your eyes at the moment of death, Dare did not have a terminal disease, yet he understood the gravity of that phrase and found he was appreciating the little things he had been prone to ignore. He was suddenly alive to them. Too bad, he would have to walk away from them.


He spied the picture beside his bed: she was smiling and full of life, the most beautiful human being he ever met. They were billed to be married, the plan had been made and everything was going on perfect, save for a little hitch. She had been killed, and he was going after the man responsible for her death, simple.


He smiled at the photo and touched her cheek, her name was Damilola Adelegan, their wedding was supposed to be on that day; sadly, she had been killed three months before the day materialized. The man responsible for her death was holding a conference and living larger than life, whilst Dare had been going through a wilderness emotion. ‘It will all end today’ he thought as he made peace with himself. He was about doing the unthinkable.


Finally, He roused from his bed and went into the bathroom. The conference would start at 2pm that afternoon at the Ocean View Restaurant; he planned to be there early so as to get a good seat in the place. Not that he needed to, his plan was flawless and the wheels had already started moving. He just wanted to get a good glimpse of the man, and maybe embrace him, as they were consumed in an infernal dance to oblivion. A smile escaped, he had to get ready.




The place was agog. There was a sea of men milling all over the place, the traffic stretched all the way to bonny camp. He had hissed countless times as he impatiently tapped on his steering wheel. This would soon end he thought. It would all be over in a few hours and he would have rid the country of a menace. He started humming, drumming.


At the entrance, he was asked for his pass to the conference, he produced it without much ado. On other days, he would have been intimidated by the chest and build of the security officers as they processed people into the arena. That day, he just kept humming, singing to no particular song, he was on his way home, to be re-united with the love of his life. He however had one last assignment, so, he was at the conference, to fulfill his pact; to right a wrong. Though he knew the phrase two wrongs don’t make a right, he knew this wrong was one he would be forgiven for, and even lauded in death.


He took his seat in the hall as he waited for the programme to commence, the man was billed to start speaking at 3pm, and the time was just 1:13pm. Only the patient gets what they want. He reclined in his chair and shut his eyes and ears to the disruption of the crowd around. There were just two men in their story: the man and him.




The programme commenced at the dot of the hour, first, there was the issue of the national anthem to address. All the attendants stood in the hall to sing, Dare knew there was no one much more patriotic than him in that gathering. He was about doing the country the best service it had gotten in years. All he had to do was stay calm and follow through with his plan. He sang with all the passion he could muster.


After the anthem had been sung, all the attendants sat and waited on the moderators to announce their speakers. It was an economic summit and all the big wigs were there. Dare looked left and right, observing the people around him as the first speaker presented his paper. He could see the man’s gestures, but it was as though he was in another plane, another dimension. He did not hear a word.


It was all a blur to him as he watched the people around him chuckle, and sometimes smile, He couldn’t still hear the speakers, he refused to listen to them. Then the moderator, a pretty lady in every standard got up and introduced the man he had been waiting for.


‘Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise and welcome the president of the federal republic of Nigeria.’ She had said and those words were melodious tunes in his ears.


Dare rose with the other attendees and even watched as the people on the podium stood, clapping their hands, honouring the man. He looked around, saw the smiles on the faces of the people. He had no quarrel with them, neither did he harbor any animosity. He smiled, it would be over soon. He would soon enter the history books. Yes, he was going to kill the president. The president of Nigeria, and he was going to do it in style. He brought out his palm device as the room sat and started an application he had designed. It had begun…


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