November Rush

I know I haven’t kept pace with this community as I would have loved. I ascribed my absence to laziness and procrastination – the habit I’m learning is becoming a good friend. I need to end our relationship though; will. Anyway, I am not writing today to rant about my personal struggle to become a better person, maybe I will, maybe I won’t, it depends. I know some pips be thinking already, ode, share the dirt jo! Let’s blackmail your life… y’all will have to wait a lil longer :p.

At any rate the reason for this post is just to notify the readers of this blog, visitors and everyone who has and will stumble upon it that, for the month of November, everyday of the month, I have to post a chapter, or an excerpt of a novel I am writing. So starting tomorrow, 1st November through 30th November, y’all will be feted to the novel excerpts and hopefully the conclusion of the novel would be posted on the last day of the month.

I will need your help though. I realize I have a personal drive and mostly complete what I start, even when it is unpopular. Still, life being life and the world we live in… things don’t usually go as planned so we get a little distracted, move to the left a little, shift right some, and before we realize it, we have no idea why we started a project again. Or we just lose interest, can’t be bothered and watch as the plans we made go up in smoke.

I’m a plan A person, I have found that contingency plans B – Z do nothing but inspire laziness. We tend to rationalize that we can’t go wrong with twenty-five more plans to explore. The question is, did we really write down plans A – Z. Waiting that if one fails we will activate the next, or did we just plan to make plans, be spontaneous and go with the flow?

My guess is as good as any, plan A is the only one that has/had any semblance of thought going into it. The one that when it fails, it is grace that will lift us. So I’m sticking with plan A and telling myself that if A fails, plan B would be, see plan A, if that fails, plan C would be see plan A; until the whole letters have been exhausted. Thankfully, there are twenty-six letters of the alphabets and thirty days in the month of November, I should be covered :d.

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m this worked up, no? Well, NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow, the first of November and authors/writers who enter the competition are supposed to write through the month of November, submitting a minimum of 1,667 words per day as they build a crescendo to a wonderful story and complete a 50,000 word novel. That is the gbege iyaf put myself in oo! *phew!*

I will require your help though, as a social networking animal, the last two days off twitter haven’t been kosher, my bbm contacts already think I’m weird for my disappearing acts. Still, I beg y’all, hold me accountable. If I start pinging you, as me about the book, about my word-length for that day, and if I deflect, end the chat and leave me by myself. I forgive you in advance. :d

If you catch me tweeting for more than ten minutes, send DMs, tweet at me, and do all you can to chase me of the site. I will love you by November 30th, I promise ;). Y’all my facebook family should do same. Chase me off social networking sites to write and write and write some more. Hopefully, I won’t let myself down, or you all! ({})

The novel has been tagged tentatively ‘Agent Codi – The Beginning‘ I enjoin you to come on a roller coaster ride with me, hopefully, you will like the novel and share thoughts and ideas about how to make it better, as we embark on the adventure together. I also need my editors and critics to wear their suits, your services would be much obliged.

That said, here’s a toast to all of us, we will celebrate the completion of the novel together

Your always



2 thoughts on “November Rush

  1. Right!

    I should have read this before engaging you in a tweet session earlier today. Trust boy, I’m going to be on your case…you’ve got come out on top by the 30th.

    God’s speed! šŸ™‚

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