I really do not know how to start this post, or how to stress enough how contrite I am for not keeping up the momentum I started on here with the #agentCodiseries that is on hold at the moment. I cannot even begin to explain my inability to upload new posts and the quietness on the blog. Still I will try to justify my actions a tad, and hope that the ardent followers forgive me, and the newbies understand. So here goes nothing…


My first and only excuse is that I AM LAZY. There, I said it, laziness ni. Every other thing I say is just gloss to make it appear like I have really been busy and all. I still spend at least two hours on twitter daily connecting with my pips and making a complete nuisance of meself, in doubt, ask @divacurvaceous she’ll tell you geography doesn’t stop me. I’m a world citizen, at heart :d


Laziness aside though, I had to suspend the series in order to focus my thoughts. See, I entered a contest that will see me flooding this blog all through the month of November. So from November 1st through 30th I will be posting daily excerpts from a novel I’m writing, and hopefully, by the last day of that month, I would have completed the story.


To answer the unasked question, I entered a writing competition organized by Authorhouse, it’s called NaNoWriMo meaning National November Writing Month. I have been following the competition for years and always meant to enter, I finally did this year and so I had to stop the story of Deji for a while. I hope I am forgiven as the story I will be sharing through the month of November will be… well, don’t lemme let the cat out yet. Come back November on 1st and read for yourselves 😉


So, there, that’s all of my excuse, laziness, o tan. I am extremely grateful to @dehorl (my tweetwife – all of una wey dey confuse am dis days… DIE!!! =)) ) and Temi, who have constantly reminded me that I need to continue posting the series, thanks for understanding. For all of you who take time out to read my rants and works, I’m humbled. ‘Let’s get this party started…’, like Tubaba said in the start song ‘OYA’


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