Don Moen Comes To C3

Y’all know the musician Don Moen right? My non-Christian friends love his songs and we sing along to his music like Nursery rhymes. One of the greatest worship leaders ever, he has been to Nigeria severally, most notably at ‘The Experience’ music concerts organized by the House On The Rock church. He was in Nigeria a few months back, whilst promoting his latest album.


Now, behold he cometh to C3, that’s Covenant Christian Centre for the uninitiated. On Saturday 13th October 2012, The Covenant Family will be welcoming him into our midst for a two-day visit. First He’ll hold a music seminar, teaching musicians and worship leaders and song writers on praise and worship… the art. Later that day, he will hold his first of two concerts at the same venue – The Lagoon Restaurant.


The next day, Sunday 14th October 2012, C4 (that’s Covenant Christian Centre Choir) will be holding her annual Asante African Worship Concert at the main auditorium of Unilag – (yes the name’s still Unilag :d) at 4pm. Performing in the concert will also include Don Moen as he and his band merge with C4 in a night of utmost worship, it will be heaven on earth.



So, mark up your calendars, the next weekend is already divine. Open your calendar and free up space to attend both programmes. To attend the first at The lagoon Restaurant, you will need to register, admission is free though, so hurry, follow this link to register, there are limited seats.


For the second concert however, all you need do is make your way down to Unilag and ask for directions to the main auditorium if you do not know the place already. If you do, join us, let us bring down heaven together. Now you know, Don Moen comes to town, and it is not about the man, it’s about worship and praise of the Almighty. So let’s raise our hands and worship together…



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