Celebrating Daireen’s Blog At 1

How time flies! That always is the grouse of parents. Where did the time go, is a question lovers ask themselves. And on and on it goes… the quest for time, the challenge to create.

Friends, it’s been a year since I activated this account, started blogging with wordpress. I remember chilling all day back then at home. Lounging, waiting for NYSC and its affiliate companies to do normal and engage my services.

So I started blogging, due in part to my boredom and idleness. And also because I had always wanted a blog of my own. I couldn’t however divine how I was going to sustain the blog and grow a followership. It was a daunting challenge, and I dove right in.

Time has passed, seasons elapsed, and we’ve come full circle. Today marks the beginning of the second year of the blog and here are the stats and achievements of the blog in its first year.

From 4th October 2011 till 1st October 2012, 109 articles, stories and poems were posted on the blog. 364 comments were made, the blog had 2833 views with its best view per day being 175. The categories of the posts on the blog are just 10. Whilst the tags of the blog were 44. The blog has 22 followers.

Today, the blog celebrates you, it’s readers and viewers. For putting up with the antics of the writer, and giving up precious time to relate with his writs. Thank you, for kind words and encouragement. However, in the next year, I hope to double the posts and quadruple readership and followership.

This is the new challenge, this is the new goal. To go from the known and strike into the unknown, charting new courses and discovering new territories. I welcome you to join me in this campaign. 🙂

Once again, dear people, thank you for reading. And all glory to God for inspiration to write. And as for me and my blog, it’s our day! :d abi?


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